PC: Payton, Slay Meet The Media

RALEIGH, N.C. -- NC State's Quintin Payton and Brian Slay met with the media today to discuss Saturday's game against Maryland.

Quintin Payton

"Maryland plays great every year, but I try not to look at the past so much as what is ahead of us. If we stay focused and keep playing football the way we're playing, we're going to handle business against Maryland."

"We have stay consistent, don't get the big head. Don't let a Florida State win make us think we're the best team in the world, we just have to stay consistent with what we do."

"We want to go into the game knowing they have a good defense. If we play good against a supposedly good defense, that puts us on the map as being a good offense as well."

"Kudos to Mike Glennon, he put the ball out there, I had the easy part just catching it. He did all the hard work. That's what we practice to do, receivers are supposed to catch the ball."

"This game is going to tell us where we want to go, whether we want to stay complacent with the Florida State win and that be our season or if we want to go farther in the season."

Brian Slay

"The bye feel helped us out because we got a chance to let the win soak in, then we got a week off and got a chance to rest our bodies. So now, coming back this week, it's right back to business rather than coming off a big win and everyone still being excited on Sunday instead of getting back to work."

"It was cold (during the last game at Maryland). It wasn't a good trip, they spoiled our chance to go to the ACC Championship game. We're going to keep that in mind and use what happened two years ago to become the first NC State team to win at Maryland in a while. A lot last week people were saying how two years ago Maryland ruined it for us, we're not going to let it happen again."

"Sunday we are back in here preparing for the next week, but after a big win it feels like everyone is still excited. After adversity on Sunday, everyone is ready to get back to work. It needs to be the same mentality each week after big wins, we need to be able to turn that switch off and get back to work."

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