Locker Room Report: Wolfpack Players

COLLEGE PARK, MD -- Several NC State players met with the media following the Wolfpack's 20-18 win over Maryland.

Mike Glennon

"It was a crazy game. Huge play by Sade to make that kick. You figure the game is kind of over and that quarterback comes in and did a great job of leading them down the field."

"You kind of hope he's going to miss it, but you never really know what's going to happen. It's a great win."

"I watched it. It looked left to me and when it hit off the upright I didn't really know which way it was going to go."

"When it counted, [Rashard Smith] got us some good field position."

Niklas Sade

"By the second half there was no more wind."

"It shows the confidence that he has in me which gave me more confidence. It showed he believed in me."

"I started off a little shaky here and there at the beginning of the season, but I just went back to my basics."

"With the adrenaline and the way I was feeling I knew if I made good contact and put it in the air it was going to go in the back of the endzone."

David Amerson

"It's a big honor. I'll look back and enjoy it after the season, but right now I'm going to stay focused."

"I can't let anything get to me and play like I know how to play."

"It's all about making adjustments. We didn't prepare for No. 2, it was more for No. 7."

"We just had to make adjustments."

"They ran the play before and I was kind of conservative and just made the tackle. I told myself before that if they do it again I'm going to jump it. Sure enough, a couple of possessions later they did and I jumped it."

"Luckily he missed it and we got the victory."

Brian Slay

"It hit the goal post and I just erupted. We haven't won here in a while."

"Everybody kept fighting and kept pushing. We knew we could win this game."

"It was big. We wanted to come in here and get pressure."

Bryan Underwood

"Mike threw a great ball and I went to go get it."

"It's Mike's experience level... he's been here a couple of years and he takes film really seriously."

"He keeps his composure. It helps us a lot."

"My thoughts was to not look, pray and hope for the best. We caught ourselves not looking, heard a bing, and it was a great feeling."

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