PC: Wolff, Creecy Meet The Media

RALEIGH, N.C. -- Earl Wolff and Tony Creecy met with the media to discuss Saturday's game against North Carolina.

Earl Wolff

"Looking at [Gio Bernard's] stats and a couple of highlights I've seen, he's very impressive right now. He's putting up some pretty good numbers. He's a great player, I'd say probably the best running back in the ACC. We just have to be ready for the competition."

"If you can't get hyped for the Carolina game you shouldn't even walk on the field that day. That's the way we feel. That's the way everybody feels."

"Getting pressure... it just makes our job easier covering. With them bringing that pressure it allows us to not hold our receivers as long."

"Hopefully we bring that pressure and hopefully it will eventually turn into turnovers."

"It's us running to the ball and getting lined up as fast as we need to.... if we prepare right it shouldn't be a problem."

"We don't want to be that class that loses, but we're taking it one game at a time."

"Like I said, if you can't get hyped for the Carolina game I don't know why you are here."

Tony Creecy

"It's 0-0 right now with that coaching staff and this rivalry."

"We can't depend on hat happened in the past. We've got to write our own history."

"I'm the starter because of age and I've been playing well, and Shadrach comes in and gives me a break. He plays real well. Shadrach is a real good runner, he's a good catcher out of the backfield and he knows the offense."

"We've noticed [Duke's rushing totals] but we can't go off of what another team did. We've got to come out and run just as well... even better."

"It's definitely a team thing. In the game it's one team and when [Shadrach] scored I was just happy for him."

"Mike has been here for four or five years... he knew the playbook and I knew he'd do good in those situations."

"I know a few players. I'm friends with them right now, but Saturday at 12:30 I won't be."

"Gio is such a great running back. He has speed, he has vision, and he's a strong running back, but with our defense I think they can control him... coach Tenuta and coach Archer will come up with a great gameplan."

"A rivalry game like coach Walters said today just boosts everybody else up."

"I was a Carolina fan growing up, but being recruited me and my dad talked about it, we sat down, and decided this was a better place for me. So far it's turned out to be the right decision."

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