Locker Room Report: Wolfpack Players

CHAPEL HILL, N.C. -- Several NC State players met with the media following the 43-35 loss to North Carolina.

Mike Glennon

"I figured we'd go into overtime until the last play. They did a good job on that punt return. Have to give them credit."

"We executed our offense well. Guys were getting open and I threw it to them."

"We came back from it here and let it slip away. It was definitely a tough loss."

"I've got to make that play. It was a tough throw but he was open. I got open as he threw."

"Passing the ball is what got us back in the game. I don't see any problem with it. We just didn't execute the plays we needed to."

Tobais Palmer

"I feel like that was my moment to step up."

"We've got to get over it."

"It's a learning experience for us... we just need to continue this ACC run."

Bryan Underwood

"It was key downs we didn't come out firing on. Things didn't go our way."

"I knew based on watching film of different corners, I knew who they had and how they played specific routes. 24 was the sitter and I knew I could get past him. Mike got rid of the ball earlier than he wanted and we just disconnected there on the timing."

"Everybody was saying he took me off balance but I felt like it was a free release by me."

"It was a big rivalry, away from home, and everybody was just anxious and jittery... it was a lack of focus."

C.J. Wilson

"There were a lot of mental mistakes."

"We just have to see what happened and get back of the ground."

"The only time I'm satisfied is with a win. I'm not satisfied until it is 0:00 and we're up. It's good to make plays for the team, but I'd trade all that in for the win."

"We knew who he was and what to expect. He just kind of struck us at the end."

R.J. Mattes

"It's going to take a day or two to get over this... we've got a lot to play for still. We can't let one loss turn into two."

"We never panicked when we were down. We knew we could move the ball on this defense."

"We never capitalized when we should have."

"The last two games we're used to coming down the wire. We're a pressure-situation team. We had confidence, but we didn't execute."

"They brought more blitzes. They turned up the heat a little bit."

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