O'Brien: "A Tough Loss For Us"

CHAPEL HILL, N.C. -- NC State head coach Tom O'Brien met with the media following the Wolfpack's 43-35 loss to North Carolina.

Tom O'Brien

"Certainly a tough loss for us. Give North Carolina credit, they played better than we did today and that's generally what happens. If you play better then you win."

"I can't remember ever dropping so many passes. The balls were right in our hands and could make an outcome on the football game."

"To give up a punt return at the end was a tough way to lose, it can't happen. Lose contain I guess, I didn't see the whole thing, but that kid is a good player and made a play."

"We wanted to get a little bit of field position and get the ball out a little bit. We wanted to continue to attack. We didn't want to think we could sit on a three-point lead. We'd been successful throwing the ball the whole time, and... had a chance. We had Underwood running wide open down the boundary and missed him."

"I think at that point you just want to kick it and get it out of there. I think we might have over kicked it... he hadn't hit the ball real good all day and that was probably the deepest kick he kicked. What you want to do is kick it high in the air and make him fair catch it, which we had been doing. I think we had the wind behind us and the wind took it, but still you have to cover and make a tackle."

"We fumbled the ball, which gives them the short field and they end up scoring on... other than that, when it got down to playing football, we played."

"We expected the first quarter blitz. When you are in a situation like this, all the hype that's going on, they haven't won in five years, it's a home game, they've spent all year getting ready for us, you expect them to blitz... to come out with that in the first quarter. That's the way these games go. You have to survive it."

"No, we just didn't make a play to win the game."

"I don't think our guys have nerves. I think they are brain-dead half the time out there. They just play. That's what we do, we play. We play hard for 60 minutes. The last 30 seconds of the game got us."

"This is a really important game for our school and an important game for our football team. I asked them in the locker room if they were finished and they said no. I think they are angry, they better be angry."

"We'll find a way to scratch it out and play well against Virginia."

"No, we punt the ball, put it up in the air, hang it up there so we can get down there and cover and he makes a fair catch... that was the idea. That's what we intended to do."

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