PC: Glennon, Lucas Meet The Media

RALEIGH, N.C. -- Mike Glennon and Sterling Lucas met with the media today to discuss Saturday's game against Virginia.

Sterling Lucas

"From a defensive standpoint, you never want to make the same mistake twice."

"We have to do a better job of executing... on defense you have to make tackles. A lot of times we're in the right position. You just have to make plays."

"That can't happen. We have to come out fired up and just make plays, like I said before."

"Guys obviously want to win. I don't know if it's anger, but I know guys just want to win and maybe emotions show through that."

"I feel like our morale is pretty high. It's a big game, a big rivalry game, but we believe in the next game up. You don't want to allow that past game to beat you in the upcoming game."

"We had our opportunities to win... we just have to make plays on both the defensive side of the ball and the offensive side of the ball."

"He harped on not making the same mistake twice. From a defensive standpoint that's something we still have to correct."

"We have four games left. In the ACC you never know what can happen. Hopefully someone beats Florida State, but we have to take care of what we have to take care of."

"We have to be more consistent."

"It's all about the next play. You want to forget about that last play."

Mike Glennon

"Throwing for a lot of yards is good, but it's more important to get the win."

"We've shown improvements, but there is still stuff to improve on."

"We... it seemed like at one point we had the game and then we let it slip away. At that point we would have controlled our own destiny, and we lose to our rival all at once."

"We've just got to move on, keep worrying about ourselves, and hope Florida State loses."

"We're undefeated at home, and we love playing in front of our home crowd. We never want to lose at home, and we think that we have a big home field advantage. We're excited to play at home and get ready for Virginia."

"Three of the last four at home is definitely an advantage. It's better to be home than away."

"I was recruited by some of those coaches, I'm real familiar with the program... them being my home state university adds a little more excitement, but more importantly it's the next game."

"Bryan [Underwood] is having a great year. I think it's something that I saw coming from the summer. He worked really hard this past summer."

"T.J. [Graham] kind of took him under his wing... I think that really helped Bryan. Bryan saw how hard T.J. worked."

"I feel like I've kind of seen it all. Going through the latter half of my senior year I think that's where you should be as a quarterback, playing with the most confidence."

"I feel pretty confident in myself and my teammates."

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