VIDEO: Gottfried Recaps Exhibition Win

RALEIGH, N.C. -- NC State head coach Mark Gottfried discusses the Wolfpack's win over Belmont Abbey.

"There is good and there is bad and things as a coach you're looking to improve on, and I like the fact that we scored 105 and turned it over 23 times. We had a chance to score a lot more points. We turned it over too many times. We've got to get a lot better there."

"We saw a glimpse in the first part of the second half of our team defensively when we were pretty good. We've got to sustain that for longer period of times, but I liked our defense at the start of the second half."

"We just need to make sure we keep improving."

"They are very good players. I think the way that we run the ball is going to give the the opportunity to play in the open floor."

"I've got a high expectation for our guys every day. He knows that I expect a lot out of him each and every day. It was my decision that I made last night and I thought he did a nice job. He came right into the game with nice energy... I'm not sure that's something we'll see a lot of it but it was important for us to do that today."

"The defensive pressure and defensive intensity is something that we have to have each and every night."

"I liked our unselfish play. We had 21 assists, which is pretty good... we're trying to play together."

"You're going to turn it over a little bit more when you play an uptempo style... but we were too careless with the ball, we were loose with the ball."

"I think that Rodney is such a great athlete... he's so strong and quick, I want him to become a guy that defensively can guard a big-time perimeter offensive player. So, I challenge him every day. It's a little new, not a role, but he's still going to score for our team... I wouldn't want him to guard me if he really gets committed to being a big-time defender."

"T.J. his eight baskets usually are of every variety. That's one thing about him that makes him such a good scorer."

"He seems to make good decisions... in our live action with officials, the red white game, the scrimmage against East Carolina... boy, he's scoring at an efficient pace."

"[Warren] is the only guy on the team that I'm asking in our system to learn multiple positions. We're throwing a lot at him, and sometimes that can make you a little uncomfortable... it's a lot for him, but there are more minutes to get too if you learn more than one spot."

"I think we're going to be a pretty good 3-point shooting team. We just didn't seem to make them tonight."

"I thought [Tyler Lewis] was pretty good defensively tonight."

"Lorenzo is going to play a lot and Tyler needs to play too and that gives us an opportunity when they are together to have two ballhandlers and two guys that can bring it when they are on the break."

"We got to find other ways to get Tyler in there as well."

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