Pack Pride Q&A: Jordan Vandenberg

RALEIGH, N.C. -- NC State redshirt junior center Jordan Vandenberg talks with Pack Pride about the upcoming season.

Do you feel that the trip to Europe was a good start for the upcoming season for you?
Definitely. The last couple of games in Spain, the coach put a lot of trust in me to play and I hope I gave him a reason to play me, basically.

What are some things that you can add to this team this year?
I don't think we're lacking much, but I do think I can add to what we already have. Defensively and and Thomas and whoever else comes in off of the bench are going to make sure the energy level doesn't drop when C.J. (Leslie) and Rich (Howell) come out of the game.

What do you feel like your role is on the team this year?
I'm just going to be a role player. Set my screens…make my cuts…pass the ball when I have to. Defense is going to be most important for me. There are a lot of tall players out there that I hope I'm utilized to defend.

What is your opinion of the three freshmen?
They're incredible. We had a good class my sophomore year but these guys are probably just as good. T.J. (Warren) is a great scorer. Rodney (Purvis) is a great all-around player. Tyler Lewis is one of the best point guards I've ever played with.

What is it about T.J. Warren that makes him such a great scorer?
T.J. is just smooth, where ever he plays. It doesn't matter if he's on one foot, two feet…or going away or towards the basket in any way. He knows where the basket is and it's going in if he can get it up. In Spain, he was getting every rebound, scoring layups, threes, awkward jump-shots off of one leg. It was incredible to see someone score the ball like that. He's at such a young age. It's really impressive.

What about Rodney Purvis's game that stands out to you?
Rodney goes hard. He's one of the fastest players on the team. His jump-shot is getting better and better. He gets to the basket at will. He's a good defender. He and Lorenzo Brown go at it in practice every day and it's really incredible to watch.

What is one thing that really stands out to you about Tyler Lewis's game?
Tyler has great court vision. It's basically the same as Lorenzo, but Lorenzo is just better at getting the ball to certain spots. Tyler is just young. We played most of the summer together and played in Spain together, and he just always manages to find the open man. He looks after the ball well and doesn't have many turnovers. He plays good defense. I've played with a lot of point guards but he's definitely one of the best that I've played with.

How dangerous do you think you can be with both Brown and Lewis on the floor together?
I think with those two facilitating everybody…it would be ridiculous.

When you have a point guard that is a passer first, like Tyler, do you think that makes the rest of the team play more unselfishly?
Yeah. Tyler reminds me of Steve Nash. He has a good, consistent outside shot. It might look weird but it goes in. He definitely knows how to facilitate and get around the floor. Lorenzo is obviously a level above him, but Tyler is definitely going to get time and do well for the team.

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