Locker Room Report: Wolfpack Players

RALEIGH, N.C. -- Several Wolfpack players met with the media following the 37-6 win over Wake Forest.

Mike Glennon

"I thought we had a good week of practice and we executed well today."

"We wanted to control the line of scrimmage and establish the running game. It really helps all aspects of our offense when the running game is going."

"Our running backs ran hard and made plays."

"From my eyes, they looked pretty drained on defense."

Earl Wolff

"It just feels great. It's a blessing to be out here."

"It was different, unlike last week."

"It's a different vibe when you're winning and it feels great."

"I feel like the energy stays there... once we came out the gate and scored."

Art Norman

"We did a lot of twisting tonight to get the offensive line moving."

"We knew [Campanaro] was a key player."

"I feel like the team feeds off the d-line... once we get pressure the DBs cover better and it all comes together."

"We had a great week of practice, one of the best weeks we've had."

"I feel like I feed off myself."

Logan Winkles

"We were just driving from the start."

"We kind of kicked it back to the bad habits, fumbling that ball down there."

"The next one is going to be hard down in Death Valley, but if we can go on through it will be something special."

"All our running backs run hard."

"Credit to the offensive line, they were owning the line of scrimmage."

"I thought the goalline was going to be right there."

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