Locker Room Report: Tom O'Brien

RALEIGH, N.C. -- NC State head coach Tom O'Brien met with the media following the 37-6 win over Wake Forest.

Tom O'Brien

"I'm really happy for this football team. I think they found their footing again. We came out and got off to a fast start, which I think we had to do, and stayed after them."

"It's a good effort and we get a chance to go to another bowl game and that's good for a lot of things."

"That was a goal, to get off to a fast start."

"We were at a crossroads, which road are you going to take? The road that leads to the bowl game or the road that doesn't lead to the bowl game."

"It's important now that we continue to go. We're going to go probably a top 10 football team down in Death Valley and it will be a great challenge but something I think this team is looking forward to."

"That four-game stretch these kids went through, three on the road, where every [game went to the last play], that was a tough stretch of football games."

"It's up to them. They have to get it done. We help the best we can and do what we have to, but it has to come from within them, and I think they did a good job of getting themselves ready to play. They were ready to come out and play."

"We showed up today which was good."

"I think we did a little better job of controlling the line of scrimmage."

"It still goes down to their minds, being ready to play, ready to execute, and ready to do the things they have to do."

"We worked hard all week on No. 3. That's one thing you have to do... Dontae Johnson did a great job. We played nickel and he was matched up with him almost all day long."

"The touchdown, we called the play on the sideline, this is what they are going to do. Why don't you guys coach [laughing]? Anybody want to switch for a day?"

"That certainly was a huge play in the football game."

"There are 11 guys [on the two-deep] that are playing their last games. Now they've got three games left. It's really important to them, and if there is 11 there are 33 guys that are going to be around for a long time."

"I put [Niklas Sade] in some tough situations today, but in another year he'll be a little stronger and a little better and he'll make 50-yard field goals regularly."

"Freshmen aren't used to the pressure you have at this level, the intensity at this level."

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