Gottfried: I Hope We Keep Getting Better

RALEIGH, N.C. -- NC State head coach Mark Gottfried discussed the upcoming tournament in Puerto Rico with the media today.

Mark Gottfried

"Anytime you get to play in an early-season tournament against good competition I think it helps your team. We're going to play good teams on consecutive days, so there is always a challenge there, but more than anything I like playing good teams."

"I just hope we keep getting better."

"We're still learning our team, roles, and exactly how this team needs to play as far as our rotation and how we substitute."

"We're like a lot of teams, we're still learning those things. When you play good teams, you're forced to learn more about your team than when you're not."

"I think at times I really liked our attention to detail defensively, I thought we were pretty good and then I think at other teams we got disinterested."

"It's one game. Your team keeps evolving as you play games, it's different than in practice. When you play games you learn something different about your team every night."

"I think [C.J. and Richard] do a nice job of looking for one another. I thought against Miami (OH) they were very good passing the ball to each other. Defensively, they've played together a lot, they know each other... I think both guys are really unselfish. Neither one of those two guys are hunting shots in a selfish way, they are trying to figure out what is best for the team. I think they do have a good chemistry."

"Physically, Rodney Purvis has the chance to be that type of player. Now he's really young and he doesn't know a lot about how to defend guys at this level, how hard it is, how consistent you have to be, and how you have to study player tendencies to learn how they score. He physically is the best guy that can become that guy for us."

"T.J. may not have the quickness but he's got size and length... he has a pretty good feel too. He can become a good defender."

"Scott and Lorenzo have to step up as well [defensively]. I thought Lorenzo did at times last year. Even in the ACC Tournament, he guarded Harrison Barnes in the second half. There were times Lorenzo had to guard a perimeter player like that. It may be something that happens this year. We'll see."

"Lorenzo will probably get the first nod at him. He's the point guard. Lorenzo has a lot of experience, but I think Rodney could find himself guarding him at times.

"We need somebody that can do that for us, and I think he has accepted that challenge early on. He understands that is something we want for him to be, that kind of a player defensively. We'll keep working with him there and make sure he gets better at that."

"They are a typical Big Ten team in that they are very physical. They defend in a very physical way. They are not a team that is trying to score 80 or 90 points a night, it will be a deliberate attack."

"[Tim] Frazier is very good. He puts a lot of pressure on you because he's always got the ball in his hands and he's always looking to score... he shot 18 foul shots in their first game as a guard."

"I think they are very physical, very strong, and execute their offense really well. I think they would probably want to play the game in the 50s and 60s, and we would probably like to play in the 70s and 80s."

"We have a lot of confidence in Tyler. I really do. I think Tyler needs to get in there, and that is going to allow Lorenzo to really have some time where he can evaluate the game."

"I thought [Thomas de Thaey] did good at the end of the game. I was actually wanting to get him in the first half a little bit more... about when I was going to put him in we went on a run and so I didn't want to disrupt that rhythm."

"I like the fact that he made some shots. I think it helped his confidence... I think sometimes he focuses so much on that, making the shot."

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