O'Brien: Boyd Puts Pressure On The Defense

RALEIGH, N.C. -- NC State head coach Tom O'Brien discussed Tahj Boyd and Clemson's high-powered offense.

Tom O'Brien

"Guys like Tahj, they get out of the pocket and your coverage breaks down. Guys are getting out of where they are supposed to be in their coverage to come up to contain the ball. That's where it really puts pressure on you. That's where we have to make sure we continue to keep him in the pocket and if he does get out we have to maintain our coverage."

"I think [Boyd and E.J. Manuel] have a lot of similarities. They are big, strong-armed guys that can throw the ball in the pocket and all of a sudden look out when they get out."

"One of the things you have to do [as a quarterback] is you have to have pocket presence. You have to be able to move in the pocket to find throwing lanes. It's always been a thing... you get out of the pocket, look out."

"They've got two guys. Every time we've played somebody they've had one guy... you can put one guy on either side of the formation. You've got a tailback that can beat you and we just talked about the quarterback.

"He's really had a big year, Hopkins has, and he's a guy... they set up things for Watkins, put him in different positions, but Hopkins is a guy that within the framework of the offense he gets himself open and gets the football thrown to him."

"They are like a lot of four-down teams. Everybody is pretty similar to what we've seen as far as the alignments up front."

"I think he gameplans on how he thinks he matches up against you, that's what we're going to see."

"That was as good a special teams day as we've had in a long time, maybe since I've been here. Punt returns, Rashard has done a great job. He's got that knack for making the first guy miss."

"Losing T.J. was a big loss, but those two kids have stepped up and done a good job for us."

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