Locker Room Report: Tom O'Brien

CLEMSON, S.C. -- NC State head coach Tom O'Brien met with the media following the Wolfpack's loss to Clemson.

Tom O'Brien

"You have to give credit to Clemson. That's a really good offensive football team -- not a good matchup for us. But we left too many points on the board, way too many opportunities to score. You get a little bit closer or slow them down once, but they had too much skill for us, I guess."

"They've got a lot of good, skilled offensive players. Looking back, I was impressed with their offensive line. We couldn't get any pressure at all. We couldn't get to him. I think that was one of the things we've counted on in the past. Then [Tajh Boyd] pulls it down and takes off running. He's talented, there's no question about it."

"The kickoff return has almost been there. When that happens, those kids are really working hard back there. Early in the year, he missed some seams. He's seeing it and feeling it much better than he was earlier in the year. He's seeing the seams now and getting in the seams, and when he gets there, he's certainly got enough speed to run away."

"It was a game of runs. We thought maybe we'd come out in the third quarter and get our run again. We just didn't do it."

"We have to put this one to bed. We have to go home, and we have to find a way to get our seventh win next week. It's Senior Day. There are a dozen guys that will be playing their last ballgame, so it's a big game for a lot of reasons. It's a pretty dang good football team we just played now."

"How did I feel at 24-13? It's going to be a long day. Nobody was stopping anybody. You've got to keep playing and keep going. With their talent, you knew that they weren't going to stay at 13."

"Going for it there on fourth down a couple of times... we weren't going to beat them by punting. We had to get scores to stay on the field and keep their offense off the field."

"[Shadrach Thornton] hit the wall there for a while... right now he's healthy and we need him. He's had two really good games. He's a kid, after.... in the locker after the game, he's the only guy that's got some fire right now. I said to him, ‘Thank God you're here, man. You're my kind of guy."

"They're explosive as anybody, because they have players on either side of the perimeter, tailback, the quarterback, then we blow a coverage and the tight end catches a ball and runs 40, 50, 60 yards or whatever he did. You come in expecting that. The thing, in my mind, the play of the offensive line was better than I anticipated."

"That's football today. It's changed."

"We've just got to do a better job tackling. We didn't tackle, we blew some coverages, we did some things... it was a not a very good day on defense, but some of it is attributed to what they did on offense. They force one-on-ones and that's a disadvantage position for us when we're one-on-one with them."

"Our kids play hard. There is no quit in them and they keep grinding away."

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