O'Brien: "We Need To Win"

RALEIGH, N.C. -- NC State head coach Tom O'Brien met with the media to discuss Boston College.

Tom O'Brien

"I don't have any right now. As you said, I think it caught a lot of people by surprised. Certainly I think each school is intent on doing what's best for themselves and obviously Maryland felt that was best."

"I have confidence that our conference commissioner and athletics director will figure it out and we'll be back to whatever we need to be to compete at the national level."

"We just didn't execute some of the things that we had to execute, and then we couldn't get them on the ground. We couldn't tackle them. We had some one-on-one situations and that's not a good situation for us in our defensive scheme right now."

"It's tough when you play a team like that that has two prolific wide receivers, a great tailback, and on top of that you throw in a quarterback who can run. He uses those other three guys as window dressing sometimes so he can take off and run the football."

"You still throw a ball into the endzone there with seven minutes left, you have a chance to catch it and get it down to a 10-point game, who knows what's going to happen?"

"Our kids went down, they fought... they are a top-10 team, you play them at home, they've got a lot on the line. We didn't back down at all. We went after them, we just didn't have enough to end up coming out on top at the end of the game."

"It doesn't matter what's record setting or what you do, the goal is still to win. It's a team game."

"Certainly [Mike Glennon] has great talent which we've known about. I think everybody is recognizing the talent he does have. When you come down to the first quarterback taken in the NFL draft he's going to be in the conversation because of what he's shown this year and what he's done."

"Shadrach is... we talked about how he burst on the scene and kind of hit the wall a little bit like freshmen do, and now he's back. He's certainly shown a lot of potential, a lot of good things for the future, but for sixteen seniors the future is now."

"It's good for this football team that we've established a running back like that. He runs hard, he runs with power, he's got good vision, he's tough to bring down. He's starting to feel much more confident in where he is going and what he is doing."

"These kids came here to help build a program and certainly you look at the successes they've had. There are 16 of them, four have graduated, 10 are going to graduate in December and two more are going to graduate within the year so they are all going to graduate."

"They have a chance Saturday to win their 24th game in the last three years. To put that into perspective, the record here for three years is 26, which has been done twice, in 1970 and when Philip Rivers was done here. So they can be two wins off of the best three years ever in State football, and maybe get another in a bowl game because they've got that opportunity to do that."

"They are going to graduate and they won a lot of football games. They've are going to their third bowl in three years. Right now in this conference, the way this crazy conference is, only Florida State, Clemson, and Georgia Tech can say they've gone to three bowls in the last three years.

"They've done a lot. They've helped establish a culture and a way you're supposed to run a program to where you can win football games. They've beat top 10 teams the last two years here, they have to have a winning record against ranked teams since they've been here. They've accomplished a lot."

"It was another one of our after North Carolina win games, we went up there... Boston College wasn't having the greatest year and [we] thought [we] could show up and play. Boston College showed up and beat the... beat us up. I told them, in the five years we've played Boston College they've been tougher mentally and tougher physically we have and that's why they've beat us."

"It's a different team on tape than what they were a month ago."

"You've got to make sure the younger kids understand how important it is to the older kids."

"They've got a quarterback that is a really talented guy. The one wide receiver, it's like playing Wake Forest again. They've got one guy that catches all the balls, Amidon, Rettig throws him the ball, he runs the reverses, does all those kinds of things."

"It's going to be a good challenge for our team. We need to win, get to our seventh win, and find a way to go to a nice bowl game."

"The only thing we can control is beating Boston College. If we do that and win seven games, I know this, Duke and Georgia Tech both have to win to get to seven. We could be the only seven-win team still in contention. Three of us are playing to get to that seven-win level, and that's what we're playing for."

"If that moves us up in the bowl thing then that's good for these kids for what they had to fight through a year ago all the injuries on defense and the same thing, the rotating door on offense this year with still a great quarterback that has held us all together on offense. We'll see. The only thing we can control is winning Saturday, and that's what we have to get done."

"I'm not going to tell you how many drop balls we've had this year, but to keep firing... his percentage could be 70% and might have 500+ more yards if we caught balls, but we don't. Just keep firing and try to do it again on Saturday."

"That defense is built so that [Clancy] tackles. The way they play defense, that middle linebacker has to make plays... that's what that guys job is to do."

"[Rettig] has a strong arm and he's not afraid to throw the football."

"They knew it was going to take a perfect game. We had to do everything exactly right to beat that football team and we didn't do it. That's what you strive for."

"We almost got ourselves back into it... if you don't make plays against a top 10 team, we're not just quite there yet."

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