Locker Room Report: Tom O'Brien

RALEIGH, N.C. -- NC State head coach Tom O'Brien met with the media following the Wolfpack's 27-10 win over Boston College.

Tom O'Brien

"Happy to come away with the victory. Tough team for us to play, but found a way to win."

"The seniors go out on a win. The seventh win and a winning season... I think the kids have done a great job for our program."

"Glennon is the only quarterback in history to throw for 30 touchdowns in back-to-back seasons, which, two years ago nobody thought he'd even play or whatever. Great job by him and I'm very excited he would do that."

"It's a good finish to a year that has been difficult in some respects, bu they fought through everything."

"As I walked out the locker room Shadrach came up to me and said, 'Coach, this was my worst game ever but don't worry I'll be back for the bowl.' The kid is a great kid. He recognizes a lot of things and I'm really happy for him."

"It's hard to win now a days. If you look at the records, especially in this conference, everything is relative. The two teams ahead of us have 10, we have seven, and everybody is at six I think, right? That's... you end up third in win total in this conference is a pretty good deal."

"If you go back to where we've had success, you get the quarterback on the run."

"Amerson was on him all night. We switched that up because [Amidon] spends more time outside than inside, where we used Dontae two weeks ago against Wake Forest."

"It's always big when you intercept the ball and he's such a dynamic guy with the ball in his hands to make the score, which he really did a great job."

"We missed Brian Slay. That took a lot out of not only the regular defense but your fourth-down substitution and three-down substitution defense."

"They are not going to get down, they are not going to sulk. They are going to come back and fight and play."

"The thing about the turnovers, it ended up with short fields for us."

"They've been a great group, they've been a great group to be around. They are at the 24-win mark. They can get to 25, that's one less than the 26 which puts you at the level you've got to get. Then you take the next step as you go from there. Great job all around by the seniors. They are happy and relieved."

"They played a lot of that 3-5-3 coverage. They dropped and made it tough to get the seams we're used to getting."

"I think we did a better job in the second half of getting into formations."

"I haven't [beat BC] very often, but two out of the last three years. I'm only counting the last three years."

"He still ends up with 100 yards. You look at him compared to say Mustafa playing as a freshman, probably his totals are better... in my opinion he's probably a better back than Mustafa was as a freshman. That's positive going forward and hopefully we'll get Creecy back who should get healthy for the bowl game."

"He's such a great kid. I think we're going to enjoy watching him for the next couple of years around here. He will become a favorite, I'm sure."

"I hope the whole team played for the seniors."

"We expect to win, we expect to challenge for championships, and we expect to go to bowl games."

"We were 4-1 in our side of the conference, we've never been that way. Now, I screwed up because I used to beat the other side and I didn't do anything with them this year, but at least we got to 4-1 in our side."

"You look at that team today. You lose one guy in the front seven and you lose your two safeties on defense, a lot of guys back. You lose your quarterback and those three guys inside on offense are going to make a difference. You're going to lose a tight end and one wide receiver, but other than that you've got a lot of guys coming back on the two-deep."

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