Yow Discusses O'Brien Dismissal

RALEIGH, NC -- Debbie Yow met with the media on Sunday afternoon to discuss her decision to dismiss head football coach Tom O'Brien and on the search to replace him.

Debbie Yow

"I have the highest respect for [Coach O'Brien]."

"Coach O'Brien and I met Friday to discuss the future of the program... ultimately I decided to move in another direction, to try and re-invigorate the program."

"Becoming a perennial Top 25 program... that goal is challenging, but I believe it is truly achievable at NC State."

"We have to stretch ourselves by becoming overachievers on the field and in the classroom."

"Coach O'Brien and I agree on the goal of being a top 25 program. We just don't agree on what it takes to get there."

"I think one of the challenges for me is how specific I should get and what is appropriate. I think it's clear based on multiple interviews... "I have a great deal of respect for aggressive, assertive recruiters because I believe in this day and age it is required."

"Time is of the essence to try and put in place the right person to lead us to the Top 25."

"This is going to be a rebuilding process. That will be a part of the process with people who are interested. We will be very candid."

"On the positive side, we will have eight home games next year and we will be opening with Louisiana Tech, a Top 20 team."

"Rule compliant, never a history or hint of any issue. There are some very talented people across the country that we will not be interested in."

"That NC State can become a player legally, without cheating, in the Top 25."

"I had very high hopes in this particular year, as did coach O'Brien, and ultimately made the choice to make the change."

"There are a lot of factors, I hope there are a lot of factors for any athletic director that makes a decision like this."

"We are going to have to stake out our territory in the state of North Carolina... the top 50 players in North Carolina, we have to get our fair share."

"I think it's always a good policy to look at people with proven track records, but at the same time there are individuals who are coordinators who haven't had a chance to prove what they can do."

"I can't ask [for staff changes]. Coaches need to have the flexibility to make their own choices."

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