AUDIO: Players React To O'Brien News

RALEIGH, NC -- Earl Wolff, Dontae Johnson, and Camden Wentz met with the media after hearing the Tom O'Brien news.

Dontae Johnson

"Honestly, it's really tough. I had developed a relationship with Tom O'Brien. He came and recruited me back in high school, the first actual head coach to come and talk to me at my high school."

"To see him go out like that in a win against BC is really tough."

"It possibly could have been the performance in the ACC wasn't up to par with what is expected out of us. We expected to be a great team, but we've been struggling in the ACC a little bit."

"I feel like we could have done a lot better to help him out."

"The coaches put us in positions. They give us what we need to make the plays."

"I found out through Twitter actually. I was going down and saw they had released Tom O'Brien. It was definitely shocking to me."

"It's going to take us some take to get over this loss here at the university, but we're goin to prepare well."

Camden Wentz

"I first heard, I actually woke up to a phone call from my dad and he had heard it on Twitter."

"I was absolutely shocked. It's been a crazy 24 hours of emotions... to wake up to something like that wasn't pleasant. It's tough."

"We're finishing out what coach O'Brien started with us... we're his players. He coached us to be a certain way and that's how we are going to prepare to play."

"The assistant coaches will do their best."

"I believe coach O'Brien is an outstanding football coach and he does it the right way... with integrity and keeping his players accountable."

"He preaches the right things to us. He helps mold us into young men."

"He's the main reason I came here."

Earl Wolff

"I love coach O'Brien... I've built a bond since I've been here."

"I was pretty upset. I was a little depressed, and like I said, it was a surprise. I read it on Twitter, I didn't know what was going on."

"I'm upset. I love coach O'Brien and he's done a lot for this program."

"She just told us the situation, why it happened, that coach Bible was going to be interim head coach."

"We're trying to keep everybody together and keep that bond we still have as a team... we still have one game left and we're going to try and win it for coach O'Brien."

"I feel like coach Bible is going to do a great job. He's a great coach, a great person."

"As a matter of fact, me and a couple of guys talked about it earlier... it's not all on the coaches. It's on us players too."

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