Bible: "We Have A Blueprint"

RALEIGH, N.C. -- Dana Bible still seemed shocked by the firing of Tom O'Brien while speaking with the media following Debbie Yow's press conference.

Dana Bible still seemed shocked by the firing of Tom O'Brien while speaking with the media following Debbie Yow's press conference.

NC State's offensive coordinator for the past six seasons, Bible says that he didn't know a change had been made until he received a text stating there was a 1:30 meeting with Yow.

"That was the first that we knew," said Bible. "I know I didn't see it coming. As a coach you're focused on the now, you're focused on the moment.

"What was still on my mind was the Boston College game and what came in that game... the mistakes we had made, the corrections we would make. The focus was still on the season."

Bible struggled to answer questions about O'Brien, his long-time friend. The two worked together at Boston College and NC State and, as Bible put it, "won a lot of games together."

"Great coach... outstanding man... close friend," he said of O'Brien. "Fourteen seasons with coach O'Brien, and it's difficult. There is no question about it. The way we put it, we've won a lot of games together, and obviously we've grown from being two coaches.

"The truth of the matter is it was always more than that. We're both from the same town, we're both from the same high school. We've known each other for an awful long time."

Bible stated that he had spoken with O'Brien after receiving the news and attempted to provide some insight it how he is dealing with he dismissal.

"It's tough and it's tough on coach," Bible said. "I talked to him this afternoon and he is upbeat. He's feisty.

"What I can share with you is he is very proud of the programs we've built both here and at Boston College. He's very proud of the way he and we have gone about the business of football. He will let his record stand as it may."

Now Bible is faced with the difficult challenge of serving as interim head coach. He and the rest of the coaching staff will remain in their current roles through the bowl game, and Bible now has the responsibility of preparing them to win the next matchup.

"The first thing I'm going to tell our players is we're going to prepare ourselves to be successful to win the bowl game," he said. "We have a blueprint and we know how to do it. They've been trained, and they know the way for the last six years. We'll follow that plan, get ourselves ready for that game, and do our best to be successful.

"I think we'll do a good job and lead them in the right direction.... finish this out the right way. I know that's the way coach would want it. We just need to make sure that we see it through."

Bible has spent 35 years as an assistant coach. He's worked at Cincinnati, Miami (OH), NC State, San Diego State, Stanford, and Boston College, and he even had stints in the NFL with the Cincinnati Bengals and Philadelphia Eagles.

Does he want to continue in coaching?

"I see myself still coaching, but sometimes that is out of your hands," he said. "Things change. This is a dynamic business, good and bad.

"As a coach you know the line of work that you got in to. You know the risks that are involved with it as far as security. That doesn't mean that's a good thing or you accept it, but you always know there is a possibility of [being fired] and if not you're a little naive."

"I haven't had time to really grasp it.

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