Pack Commits Sound Off

Pack Pride has touched base with most of the recruits committed for the class of 2013 to find out their status with NC State.

The NC State coaches still on staff have been in contact with the players committed for the class of 2013.

Pack Pride has checked in with many of the current members to see if they remain committed to the Wolfpack pending a new coaching hire.

Kyrin Priester- Still committed to the #Pack why y'all out there lying (via Twitter)

Jerod Fernandez- Yes sir, I'm still committed to State. Hopefully they don't lose the rest of the coaching staff. (via text)

Tylar Reagan- We didn't commit to a certain coach we committed to the program and the university so we have to stand by them and just go out and play ball (via Twitter)

Jack Tocho- Yes sir, I'm still committed to NC State (via text)

Cole Blankenship- After talking with NC State I am standing by my commitment and will be in Raleigh January of 2013. (via Twitter)

Chris Holmes- I would never leave the school I love #WolfPack (via Twitter)

Matthew Dayes- I'm still committed but it's not solid. I don't have any other schools I'm looking at right now. (via text)

Patrick Roane- Yes sir. I'm committed and I plan on going to NC State. 100% (via text)

Quinton Patterson- Yes, I'm still committed to NC State. (via text)

Jalen McDaniel- Yes sir, I'm still committed. (via text)

Dakwa Nichols- Yes sir....I'm still committed (via text)

Marcus Edmond- Yes, I'm still committed only if State is still committed to me. (via text)

Chris Burton- Yes sir, I'm still committed (via text)

Desmond Owino- I am still committed and still planning to také another official (visit).

Bra'Lon Cherry- Yes, I'm still committed. (via text)

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