VIDEO: Woodson Discusses BOT Meeting

RALEIGH, N.C. -- NC State chancellor Randy Woodson discusses Wednesday's Board of Trustees Meeting with the media.

"We really had two items of business today... the first was to get the board's approval on a contract issue where we really felt like it was the right thing to do... to give Tom O'Brien full bonus for bowl participation. He earned it. He took these guys to that level, and that required board approval because it was a deviation from the contract."

"The second item of business was the terms and conditions under which we'll hire a future football coach... we spent time going through that process."

"She did not. No names were mentioned, just the general terms of the contract. We need to give the athletic director the guidelines we are prepared to hire a coach and we need to give her the responsibility and authority to do the best job looking. She's doing that."

"We're going to hire a coach. Obviously the process we are using here is designed for us to be as quick about this as possible. It's a very competitive market. I think you all know that. We're not the only school out there."

"We feel like we have the opportunity to close this very quickly, and that's what this was about, to give us the authority and latitude to go out and do that."

"This is an exciting place. We've got world-class facilities. We've got a fanbase that loves NC State athletics... our goal is to continue to build on a rich tradition by having outstanding athletics that integrates well with academics and seeks to get programs that consistently compete for championships and consistently are among the Top 25 in the country."

"I don't want to speculate on the timetable because sometimes it takes longer than you anticipate, but we're going about this with a hope and a goal of wrapping this up very quickly."

"We've got a very good director of athletics, and she wouldn't have made the move she made if she hadn't been prepared."

"Certainly she's talking to potential candidates, and that is going to speed up very quickly in the next few days."

"We are negotiating. I'm not going to tip our hand."

"No names were mentioned. No names were mentioned in this meeting."

"We want to be as prepared as we can when we have conversations with coaches... we wanted to outline with the board's approval the approach that we will use when we talk to those coaches."

"This meeting was specifically to talk about the terms and conditions of the future contract."

"The whole idea is to have the athletic director understand the limitations of where we might be able to go with this, and for her to have that clear knowledge as she talks to people so that she is in a position to make commitments that can be quickly turned into contracts."

"This process is well underway. This process has started."

"This deal can be closed very quickly as a result of the meeting today."

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