Dave Doeren Press Conference

RALEIGH, N.C. -- NC State announced the hiring of Dave Doeren today at a 4:00 pm press conference. Here are some notable quotes from the event.

Dave Doeren Press Conference

Chancellor Woodson
"It's a great day to be a Wolfpacker!"

"I would like to thank Debbie Yow and the search committee for their extreme hard work over the past week."

"They've done a terrific job." "We're very, very pleased today to introduce to the Wolfpack nation Dave Doeren as the next head football coach at NC State University."

"Northern Illinois is ranked nationally fifth in the country in Academic Progress Rate."

"It's no surprise, coach Doeren was an academic All-American himself... he brings a commitment to success in the classroom as well as a commitment to success on the field."

"We are so proud to have him at NC State."

AD Debbie Yow
"He brings to NC State the total package of skills and values that will be required to elevate our program to national prominence over time."

"He is a player's coach, willing to spend the time needed to develop trusting relationships both on and off the field of competition."

"He is a man of integrity, following the letter and spirit of all NCAA rules throughout his career."

"He is an overachiever who challenges himself and those around him to refuse to accept the status quo."

"His energy and passion for being at NC State caught my attention."

"I knew about Dave long ago. His agent is Jordan Bazant who is also the agent for coach Gottfried so he and I have a good working relationship."

"I knew there were three other schools in three other conferences that were adamant about their interest in talking to Dave."

Dave Doeren
"How is everybody doing? Alright."

"I'm very excited to be here right now. It's been a crazy 48 hours for us. We were in a double-overtimer the other night."

"I didn't take any shortcuts to be here. I've coached 17 years on the college level. I've lined the fields and drove the bus."

"I'm standing here in the ACC right now and I'm jacked up about it."

"I'm a worker. I don't think you win without work. Not that I'm a 24-hour a day guy in the office, but I do believe in the efficiency with what you do in the office."

"There are no shortcuts. I believe in that. I believe shortcuts are turnovers... shortcuts are losses."

"If we want to be the champions in this conference, which I know we do."

"The last guy I went in after had 11 wins... I've never gone in anywhere thinking about what someone did in front of me."

I will talk to the current coaches. I will definitely do that and see what their thoughts on staying and how they fit in the plan.

The people that touch our players every day can't be the wrong people.

"Championships are earned... this school has been in 25 bowl games going on 26 and I know the goal is being in those bowls in January."

"At the end of the day, the brand of football that you are going to see is a very aggressive style of football."

"Our coaches will coach to win."

"I do believe in the student-athlete. I think you can have both. I do believe in the balance a student-athlete has to have in their life."

"I'm not sure what all the challenges are here at State, but I do look forward to all of them."

"We will recruit the right way. We will recruit extremely hard. We will involve the high school coaches and we will get to know the high school coaches."

"We will fight for every kid that we think belongs here. If we don't, it won't be due to a lack of effort."

"There is so much here to brag about and I look forward to doing that."

"There was a ton of NFL talent on that team... having to defend that offense and loving the state the way we do. It seems like a place very close to getting to the next step, and I feel like I can make a difference here."

"Recruiting is relationships... I want to be around people that want to represent."

"We'll be looking at everybody. I think you have to know what you want in your program.

"I loved that team. They gave everything to me and I gave everything to them."

"My goal is to see how many of them are true to their word, how many fit the systems we are going to run, and how many want to be here."

"Every day you go to the office you know what your rivals are doing and you have to walk out of the office."

"I know how close [the rivals] are geographically. I've been on Google Maps."

"We take great pride in owning any victory we can get against a rival."

"We have to get [recruits] on campus when they are freshmen and sophomores and start to get them on campus."

"If they want to leave, it's going to be really hard. They are going to have great relationships with me and our coaches."

"I've been told how hard a place it is to play, and I love that. I really do."

"I told them, they didn't pick me. I picked them... my goal is to help them. I'll do everything in my power to make them the best players."

"I enjoyed every second of it. They seemed like a bunch of hungry guys."

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