Locker Room Report: NC State

RALEIGH, N.C. -- Several NC State players met with the media following the Wolfpack's win over Cleveland State.

NC State Press Conference

Mark Gottfried
"I think it's a good win against a quality team. I think Cleveland State is going to win a lot of gamest his year. We try to schedule teams we think are going to win a lot of games, and I think they are one of them."

"I thought our team played very unselfishly... passed the ball, looked at some different defenses. They tried to box-and-one Scott some and we handled that."

"I thought we played a pretty unselfish game. I think we have to keep getting better. We have to find ways to defend a little better and execute our offense, but very unselfish team today. I think it's a good, quality win for us."

"I've said many times, I feel like we've got six starters. But, I'm not allowed to start six, I'm allowed to start five. I thought Rodney was great today. He gave us a lot of energy, he was a spark early in the game. He responded well to that."

"I thought we just had a lull. We had a couple of turnovers, we mishandled the ball... one thing about Cleveland State, this is a feisty group. They play hard every night, they compete. I never felt like they were going to lay down for us."

"We have learned that we have to play hard every night, every possession, every practice. Sometimes guys have to learn that... you've got to learn what it takes to become good."

"When you do have some attention around your program you better bring it every night because teams are going to play better against you. We've really not been in that role before so we are learning that."

"If we pay a price every day and really commit to it we've got a chance to be really good, but we still have a long way to go in my opinion."

"I think it's special to play here... I think it's important for our fans. It kind of brings them back in here and it means a lot... it's fun too... the crowd, our fans are loud. You can feel it."

"I think it's fun for these guys and I think it's important for our program to do that from time to time here."

"Just about every team we've played has had a dominant guard, really handled it a lot... every team is different... I think our defense has to start at the point guard position or at the top, and when we're good there it seems like we're good at a lot of places."

Rodney Purvis
"I saw them play here once last year so I was just waiting for my opportunity to play here too."

"It was great. It's packed, it's small so a lot of people come in. It was a great first experience."

"Hustle plays, that's kind of my role on this team. I try to do my best to do anything little thing to help the team out. I saw the opportunity for a block and got lucky and got it. Rich got the layup on the other end, so I was just happy for him."

Richard Howell
"Being a senior, I probably need to step up and fill that role with it being my last year. We can go far but leadership is something we're lacking. I want to go far so I'm filling the role."

"Coach has prepared us well and we went out and played."

"I liked it more because everyone is right on top of you, the crowd is right there, and I feel like the crowd is more involved with the game."

"Just talking when I need to and tell players what they need to do... when something is messed up we just need to fix the little corrections."

"I won't say it's hard, but it's not easy at the same time... I don't have to say as much, just lead by example. That's what I'm trying to do."

Lorenzo Brown
"I have to agree with Rich. We're working hard in practice and guys are taking it a lot more seriously than we were before."

"Hustle plays are an important factor to this team... when we've got guys hustling like that we can get a lot done."

"If we don't turn the ball over we can score more."

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