Bible Impressed With Vanderbilt

RALEIGH, N.C. -- NC State interim head coach Dana Bible met with the media on Thursday to talk about the bowl game.

Dana Bible

Has there been a whole lot of change?
I wasn't going to re-invent the wheel. There has been a blueprint for six years and it's been very successful so we're following the blueprint.

We've also tried to keep to a minimum... there's enough change that has happened. We're trying to keep things as on course as they have been for the last six years.

Last year you look at what happened at Carolina with their staff leaving, their hearts didn't seem in it. Yet, it seems like maybe you've got a better situation here.
They say this about football teams and players and coaches... we are creatures of habit. We feel strong about the habits we've created here, and we're going to follow that.

Our guys, they have a lot of confidence in this plan that we're following since coach O'Brien was here. They know it, they believe in it, and that gives us the best chance to be successful.

They want to win this game for you guys and that has to make you feel good.
That sure does. We put it right back on them. We want to be successful because of the seniors and because of the team.

From the start of this change, it's been that all sides are going to do their part. If they motivate us and we motivate them, that's a good way for this to interact.

Thoughts on Vanderbilt:
They are a heck of a team. They won the last six games in a row, arguably one of the hottest teams in the country. They are talented. They come from a conference that is powerful, and we know that we have our hands full there.

We're looking forward to a challenge.

Started the season against a SEC team from Tennessee and will end it that way...
We'll see how far we've come... where we are with this particular team as we go into game thirteen.

Will you be on the field or in the box?
I'll be in the box. Which is where I've been all the time. That is what I know... keeping change to a minimum.

We spent time on that, talked it through, thought it through, and believe that is in the best interest for us staff-wise and the best chance for us to be successful.

Any new wrinkles offensively?
In bowl time there are extra practices. It's a chance to experiment, a chance to expand... I don't think that's noteworthy to this particular example.

I think that's true when it comes to playing in a bowl.

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