Bible: "We'll Be Ready To Go"

RALEIGH, N.C. -- NC State interim head coach Dana Bible met with the media on Friday to talk about the bowl game.

Dana Bible

Thoughts on Vanderbilt's defense:
Let me start with this, the defensive coordinator, he and I were on the same staff together at Boston College ten years ago under coach O'Brien, Bob Shoop. So, the both of us have history with each other.

It's an attacking style defense. They get after you, they change it up... there is a mix you have to deal with. They are playing with a lot of confidence, and they are coached well.

They are a veteran group. You can tell in their play. They are a salty group.

How do you feel your guys will look like when they get there?
We expect to go down there and be successful. That's how we've trained and that's how we've practiced. We've worked our way through what's been a month now, and now we're in the next stage, the final stage.

We'll meet up down in Nashville, we'll have our final three practices and the walk-thru. The normal routine we've done the last six years.

We expect a heck of a game. We know we have a strong opponent. We'll be ready to go.

Can you change the outcome from the last time you played a SEC team?
It's a chance to see how far we've come and where we are at the end of the season. The score is in... we know where we were after we played Tennessee.

We'll now find out where we are after we play Vanderbilt. As we all know, in a season there can be a lot of growth. We feel like this is the case with our group. We'll get out there and do our best. We'll see where we end up.

Will we see some tricks in this game?
When you get in the bowl there is always an opportunity to expand a little bit, throw in a wrinkle or two... that's always a part of the month of the preparation.

Players can get excited about that... we'll have to watch the game and see how it plays out.

Can your experience in other bowl games be important?
Yes, I think it can. Again, there is a blueprint that coach O'Brien has had. If you take a look at his success in bowls, it's tremendous, and we followed the same plan.

I know that it's easy to make the sell to your players that this is the way to prepare because this blueprint has been proven and has been successful.

How proud are you in the success Mike Glennon has had?
I'm very proud. He came here five years ago and he was a youngster coming out of his that had a dream and a plan of what he really wanted to be. This young man really lived that dream and really followed that plan.

Six years ago, the truth be told, he recruited us. He really found something that the he thought was a fit and a match for him. He was proactive as far as seeking out coach O'Brien, and that was to our advantage.

He has a dream and has followed that plan, and we're seeing that play out now.

What do you know about Vanderbilt's offense?
They are coached well and challenging in that they are multiple with the different combinations they throw at you. That's new to me that I have to study that side also.

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