Locker Room Report: Mark Gottfried

RALEIGH, N.C. -- NC State head coach Mark Gottfried discusses the Wolfpack's 92-73 win over St. Bonaventure on Saturday afternoon at PNC Arena.

Mark Gottfried

"It makes for a much better Christmas to win this game. We feel good about that."

"I think St. Bonaventure is going to be a really good A-10 team. They are tough to guard. They dribble penetrate it really well. I thought we did a pretty good job with that. We beat a very solid team today."

"I think we're getting better. I thought defensively we were pretty good... I thought offensively we were very unselfish. We really moved the ball well and we are beginning to run our offense better."

"Calvin was tough to guard today. I thought he attacked the rim and was aggressive... he either scored or got fouled. I thought he was really good today."

"Scott, it was great to see him the way he shot. We need that from Scott Wood."

"It's a good day for our team. We're going to enjoy Christmas now."

"Those guys, especially those four players, they've been through the wars. They've played in tough games, they've been on the road at this level... they need to. I think they are doing a good job of [showing leadership]."

"We shoot 57% again, and we're sitting over there as a staff still frustrated at times because we're not running our offense as well as we can. But, we get 32 baskets with 21 assists, that's still a pretty good day. We're doing a lot of things well."

"I still think that we can really improve in some areas offensively in how we cut, the ball sticks in our hands a little bit at times, but I thought today the key was Calvin inside, Scott on the perimeter, and Lorenzo's floor management... he just did a great job."

"You try and put the defense in tough situations. Because of the way most people guard Scott, you've got to guard him in certain ways. You really can't help off him, and Calvin is really good at recognizing a double-team and when there is not."

"Today he goes 13-for-18 from the line, which is a tremendous improvement for him."

"Sometimes if you slow down just a little bit you play better."

"11 assists with two turnovers... that's a pretty good day [for Brown]."

"We need a couple of days here. We'll give them three days off, guys can get out of here and relax."

"There is not a number we try to get. We want to attack and go inside first... it opens a lot of things up."

"Most night we've got two guys in there that can attack, get to the rim, score, and get fouled."

"We think we are a lot better off when Richard is not in foul trouble... he had a tough day."

"He has avoided foul trouble and then today is just one of those days. Hopefully he won't have a lot of these."

We're not shooting our foul shots with a great percentage yet, but I still feel like we're a good foul shooting team... we just need to spend a little more time at the line, practice.... we do need to be better there. There is no question about that."

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