Gottfried: "They Execute Well"

RALEIGH, N.C. -- NC State head coach Mark Gottfried met with the media to discuss Western Michigan.

Mark Gottfried

"We're shooting a pretty good percentage but we still feel like we can execute a lot better, which is good news."

"Our team has passed the ball pretty well, and I think they are unselfish."

"Each guy, for the most part, is taking high percentage shots for him... that's been pretty important for us too."

"We're going to shoot [three's] when they are open, but we aren't built to take more three's than normal. Our team is built a little more to go inside first and complement that with some perimeter shooting second."

"A lot of times when he penetrated he seemed to be off-balanced... he was turning penetration into a tough shot... lately he's stayed on balance to come up with a higher percentage shot. I think [Lorenzo] has slowed down a little bit... I think early in the year he was playing so fast, in a hurry."

"We're not shooting a very good percentage from the foul line, but I think we're a better foul shooting team than that."

"I think we'll improve [at the foul line] as the year goes on."

"We're getting there. What helps your percentages also is your fastbreak. If you can get the ball in the break more often then your numbers should go up... I think this team can be a pretty effective team shooting the basketball."

"We're still a lot better when [Howell] is not in foul trouble. I told him at practice he had a relapse... hopefully we won't see that a lot from him anymore."

"I think his shooting percentages, he's not taken a lot of three's, that's one of those things that I feel like is going to come because [Lorenzo] is better."

"[Western Michigan] is scrappy, they are very disciplined, dangerous for us. A team that is very deliberate and they execute well."

"I think in the RPI they are in the top 60 or 70... it's a good quality team that we need to play well against to win."

"I think we're playing a lot smarter defensively. I think our freshmen are much farther along than they were early."

"Defending a ball screen sounds simple, but there are a lot of different ways to guard it, and we're better now than we were a month ago."

"We like to try and play good teams. I've never been one of those guys to line up 10 or 11 straight, easy victories. I've never been a believer in that. I don't think that makes your team better. We've played a challenging schedule and we still have some work to do here before we start the league."

"I do believe as [Lewis] gets stronger he's going to be much better. He's very smart and knows how to defend. Some of it is just physically right now he's just a little bit behind. But that is something that is going to get fixed."

"Our guys have been locked in pretty good... we've actually had three good days. We came back on the 26th and had some good days of work."

"Here's my thing. If you want to be on a great team, the cream always rises to the top. If you are afraid, then you need to go play for a bad team. Then you get to play all the time. If you want to be on a good team, then you better buck up and not be afraid of anybody. Usually great players aren't afraid, they don't care. That's not something we worry too much about."

"A part of becoming a great player is your desire to compete everyday and compete for playing time. Competition makes people better. If you are afraid of that, don't come. That's okay... there are a lot of players that choose that path."

"I think the whole world we live in with college basketball it makes that harder and harder. Kids jump around from AAU teams left and right, transfer high schools... sometimes for young kids their first thought when something is not going well is to find another place, as opposed to just getting better."

"I think good teams get guys that aren't afraid, and then you go play."

"We're not a team that just runs plays. Our offense is a little more intricate than that."

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