Locker Room Report: Mark Gottfried

RALEIGH, N.C. -- NC State head coach Mark Gottfried discusses the Wolfpack's win over Western Michigan.

Mark Gottfried

"We did a lot of things well today. I like the fact that we shared the ball. I really like that we didn't turn it over very often. We played without turning the ball over, which is important for us."

"A lot of different guys stepped up. I thought the difference probably was Lorenzo's defense on the point guard at the end of the first half and then in the second half."

"We gave up too many offensive rebounds... 22 of them, way too many. They turned a lot of those in the first half into baskets."

"It was a good win. We have a quick turnaround for a Monday game. We'll watch this tape, learn from it, and get ready to play on Monday."

"Richard is such a great rebounder the other four guys on the floor think he's getting every one of them."

"A couple of times I think they got by Calvin but it wasn't just Calvin, it was a collection... we're so anxious to run, which is great, but we're not going to run until we get it."

"It's something we obviously have to get better at."

"I really thought in the first 12-15 minutes we really never took them out of their comfort zone. They executed their offense, went where they wanted to go... I thought at the end of the half and in the second half our pressure was different and it disrupted their timing."

"We can't be a team that can just turn can turn it on and off. We've got to be consistent."

"I don't want [Leslie] to flip the switch. I want him to play that way all the time. Not just him, every guy. He was really good."

"I thought Richard started the game really well inside. He was hard for them to contain inside. I think you saw with Calvin, he's a lot more active."

"He's got to play like that all the time."

"I'm always hunting for that groove, and last year we found our groove a little later. I do think we are doing some things well right now, but I still think we can get a lot better."

"It was a learning lesson for us, what happened early on."

"They are a physical team. That's the way they like to play. They like to make it rough and tough, bump and grind a little bit... you've got to be able to keep your poise and play the right way."

"We'll get [Howell] some treatment tonight and tomorrow and get him ready for Monday. He rolled his ankle just a little bit, but he said he was fine... we'll see how it feels tomorrow."

"[Warren] rarely misses. He takes good percentage shots for him... one thing I like about T.J. is I think defensively he's making pretty good effort to be better."

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