Locker Room Report: Wolfpack Players

RALEIGH, N.C. -- Several NC State players met with the media following the Wolfpack's win over UNC Greensboro.

Scott Wood

"We just picked it up on the defensive end, that has been our problem all year. We've executed on offense fine, but we started hedging on screens a little better, picking up our ball pressure on the guards a little more. It slowed them down for a little bit and we were able to get that cushion."

"We're going to have to, like you said. It's one of those things. You have to come in committed to stopping the person we're guarding and helping and helping the helper. We're going to have to do that to be successful in the league."

"There is still a lot of things we can get better at, but we're excited. Hopefully we will play well and have a successful ACC season."

Lorenzo Brown

"I just want to win a national championship."

"Not yet, I think we have a little more to work on. But I think coach will get us there by the time conference play gets here."

"We just have to come together as a team. There are some guys that are playing great defense, but others that are not. We need to get all on the same page. I think it's all of the above, no help sometimes, no hedging on screens. We just have to work on it."

Rodney Purvis

"That's what these non-conference games are preparing us for. Coach tried his best to schedule teams that will help us in the long run."

"We seem to wait for somebody to take the initiative and step up on defense. Most of the time I feel like coach wants me to be that guy to bring a lot of ball pressure on the ball and turn it up a little bit."

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