Gottfried: "We're Excited"

RALEIGH, N.C. -- NC State head coach Mark Gottfried met with the media to discuss the upcoming game against Boston College.

Mark Gottfried

"We're excited."

"You realize this is kind of step two for your season. We're anxious to get started."

"I think we have a challenging game, obviously Boston College is playing pretty well right now."

"I think they are much better than they were a year ago... it's going to be a challenge for us."

"I think our guys have got better from the start of the year to now."

"I think our guys mentally are ready for that next part of the season which starts on Saturday."

"I don't get too wrapped in all that, predictions... just like last year. Whether you are picked first, fifth, or eight... you've got to play. What we have to do this year is play 18 games."

"The truth of the matter is we're going to get to the end, look back, and see what the record is."

"We've got to play every night. When the ball goes in the air in any league in America, there are very few easy games for anybody."

"You've got to be very good to withstand all the things you've got to go through in a league schedule to finish on top."

"Every game is a big game, even in the non-conference."

"I've had people tell me some times that some of the teams from the non-BCS teams... 'well, that's not really a big game.' My response is, lose one of them, we'll see how big it is."

"You've got to be good every night."

"To be a team to compete for a league championship, you've got to be consistent. You've got to be resilient. You've got to be mentally tough and play through all sorts of things."

"We have enough guys on our team that have played at this level and they understand. They've been on the road everywhere in the league ... they understand there aren't any easy ones."

"Once you've been through the league, you've experienced it, you know it."

"I tried not to [soften the non-conference schedule].

"If you really want to get your RPI high, play a round robin." "[Ryan] Anderson is the guy who has really taken a step forward... he was good last year as a freshman, and I think he's emerging into an elite player in our league. I think he's second or third in the league in scoring, second or third in the league in rebounding as a sophomore."

"I think Clifford has been hurt some. We thought last year he had a chance to become a really good player, he's been hampered a bit."

"They are much better than they were a year ago... they are shooting the ball really well from three... just a much better team."

"As you watch them on tape and you watch them last year... they are much different, they are much better."

"I think Richard has done a pretty good job [of avoiding bad fouls]."

"It's obvious when [Howell] plays a lot of minutes we are a better team."

"[Purvis] has got better defensively... for him, it's happened that he's seeing more things now. He's seeing all the different things you have to defend, and he's been asked to guard some good players."

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