Wood Wakes Up

BOSTON – Scott Wood had his way with Boston College last season, averaging 18 points per game in three NC State wins over the Eagles.

But Saturday, in a strange game filled with fouls and stoppages, the senior was scoreless heading into the final four minutes.

The failure to score, or even get many shots, didn't last.

Wood scored nine straight and 12 of State's last 14 points to leave BC for dead yet again.

"Usually when you do well against someone, they usually shut you out the next time; that's usually the way it works," Wood said after the game.

"They did a real good job defensively against us. They're getting good. Last year they weren't a great team, but they're getting a lot better and they're going to knock some teams off in the ACC this year."

They almost knocked off the 23rd-ranked Pack, which would have rendered an 11-2 start a lot less meaningful.

Wood making a pair of 3-pointers and then six straight foul shots didn't seem to surprise anyone on the State side.

They knew what was likely to happen, Lorenzo Brown saying, "I told him to get some threes going. It was like once that first one goes down it's going to be a problem. He proved me right."

"He was clutch," added Wolfpack head coach Mark Gottfried. "He came off the bench and he hadn't played a lot of minutes for a long stretch (because of having four fouls) and stepped up and made some big shots and obviously made foul shots.

"I've got a lot of confidence in him, and our whole team does, not just me. When he's open and shoots a shot, everybody on our bench thinks it's going in. Every time. We don't ever think he'll miss. It's nice to have a guy like that."

The 6-for-6 from the line left Wood 31-for-34 for the season, 87-for-101 in his ACC (regular season) career and 179-204 as a collegian. It also sparked more questions about his prowess in practice.

"When we're in practice I look at Scott to work on my free throws as well," said Brown. "Just try to imitate him as much as possible. He's cash money every time."

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