AUDIO + QUOTES: Pack Players Talk Duke Win

RALEIGH, N.C. -- Several NC State players met with the media following the upset win over No. 1 Duke on Saturday afternoon at PNC Arena.

Scott Wood

"I think it's really big for us. But, at the same time I'd like to play them when they're at full force. A little bittersweet but at the same time we have to play a game and you have to go out there and win."

"It was great. It speaks for itself when they're out there at 4 a.m. trying to get on the court. It was nice and it's even nicer to get a win."

"It's a big deal, but like I said Ryan Kelly didn't play and Curry's not 100 percent. When they're at 100 percent they're going to be a lot better team. They're still going to be really good and it's just a little hiccup for them. I'm sure they'll be ready and get back at it tomorrow."

Lorenzo Brown

"We just stayed in our limits. We were composed and we played together as a team at the end."

"I was smiling because I knew we won the game. It was an important win for us. No one had us winning this game and we proved that we can play with the best team."

"They're the number one team in the nation. They played well without Ryan Kelly. Seth got hurt toward the end and we just stepped it up then."

"He's a rebounding machine. He wanted every board. He said he didn't need any help down there, that's what he told coach. We just let him do what he did."

Richard Howell

"Like I told them in the locker room, this is a stepping stone. We're not satisfied with this game, we've got a long way to go. Each game counts the same. We're not satisfied, we want to go out and win games."

"What changed for all of us is rebounding. I think when we were only up two, we could've been up 10, but they had a lot of second chances."

C.J. Leslie

"It means a lot to see who's the best in your state."

"Yeah. We're not going to say that this is a light win by no means. This is a great win for us. This is a great win for our history and our school. Every person that played here and came back and watched the game was happy. This is something that they can take along with them. We brought a lot of excitement to the people in our town."

"We stuck with it. We were staying with it. Our guys, not giving up and playing defense when it's time to. I feel like when it gets down to the end guys, we played great defense."

T.J. Warren

"Guarding Seth, I knew it was going to be a tough task. I just wanted to follow him around the screens and cover him as best as I could."

"It feels good. My first experience playing Duke. So, it was good to get the first win tonight."

"It was just trying to run through the screens and just trying to read how they move on the screens. I did a good job of that. Just trying to get it done, getting around the screens. It was no going under or over, just trying to cut through. I had to cover him, that's my man. I wasn't trying to have a mismatch, just cover him."

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