Gottfried: "It's Disappointing"

COLLEGE PARK, MD -- NC State head coach Mark Gottfried discusses the Wolfpack's loss to Maryland.

Mark Gottfried

"It's disappointing. Our guys played really hard. I thought we battled as hard as we could battle on a night where, offensively, we just couldn't seem to do a lot of things right. I loved our effort."

"Really the game comes down to about a fingertip. I think if Calvin; I mean, he's right there. If he tips that last shot, it's probably over, in our favor. Pe'Shon [Howard] got the ball right over his fingertips there, and they tipped one in."

"We got a good look the trip before that. Scott got a great shot, a high percentage shot for us, and just didn't make it. So, they made the play there at the end. Give them credit."

"It's a shot that we would pay for Scott Wood to have. Again, even with that, we come back down defensively, and... it's literally a fingernail away from that ball getting deflected by Calvin on a blocked shot."

"We were, offensively, pretty bad. We bobbled balls, we had shots around the rim we couldn't make. It wasn't one guy. The one play late in the second half there Richard had it right around the rim and just lost it out of bounds. It was one of those nights. You're going to have those, and we haven't had a lot of those defensively."

"I thought our defense, and our effort, was phenomenal. Our fight to get back in the game a couple of times was unbelievable. We started the game off 10-0, down, and we were down nine or 10 in the second half, but we fought right back and put ourselves in a position to win. It was a phenomenal effort; we just came up a fingernail short."

"[The zone] helped us, and it helped us limit some of their dribble penetration. That's where I thought they were being the most effective. They got the lob to Len and were starting to figure it out too, but it did help us."

"They all count as one. I always say that, and there's a lot of truth to that. I'm not in to the whole validating Duke thing. There are going to be teams that will finish near, or at the top of, this league that are going to lose some road games, and maybe in here against this group too."

"We're going to move on from it. I loved our effort, and we're going to pick ourselves up and play on Saturday."

"It became a really physical game. I think that's why both teams shot such a poor percentage. It was a game where the officials allowed there to be a lot of contact both ways."

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