Locker Room Report: Wolfpack Players

RALEIGH, N.C. -- Several NC State players met with the media following the Wolfpack's win over Clemson.

Scott Wood

"Clemson played really well. They knocked down a lot of shots, a lot of tough shots."

"It just gives you confidence... it gives you confidence knowing you've been in a couple of grind-it-out games and come out on top."

"They are playing extremely well for us, and they are doing a good job."

Lorenzo Brown

"He's just strong."

"We'll work on it in practice."

"T.J. came out and had a breakout game today. I'm proud of him."

Richard Howell

"We've got to come out and finish the game better."

"He's a beast. He has a soft touch around the basket. He played good tonight."

"I feel like they were pushing a lot in the back under the basket but it's basketball, nobody is complaining."

"We're trying to keep our confidence up... we can't expect teams to lay down. There's a target on our backs."

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