VIDEO: Postgame Interviews

RAEIGH, N.C. -- NC State's Mark Gottfried, Richard Howell, T.J. Warren, and Scott Wood talk about the 66-62 win over Clemson.

"We seemed to be right there at the rim a lot and just can't get it in the basket. Most of this season we haven't had trouble scoring those. It's the difference in us getting 66 and probably 76, closer to 80. Just making and concentrating."

"Just removed all doubt and dunk it."

"Clemson does do a good job defensively too. They really do."

"Len didn't score very many. Booker is just a load. He's big and strong. He's a tough matchup in there for us. We did double down once and they reversed it out of there and hit a three."

"Calvin did a much better job of using his quickness."

"I just wanted to attack the basket and get to the foul line... we need to get [Leslie] the ball more."

"I think when he did get it he wen to the rim hard."

"We have to get ready and go play Wake here Tuesday on the road."

"We have a different number of guys who can score the ball."

"Maybe before the Maryland game, I think in the league games we were leading the league in free throw percentage."

"It's hard to stay at a high, high level offensively all the time every single night."

"On those nights when you're not putting the ball in the basket you've got to find different ways to win. That's a part of the game."

"I thought we played hard tonight. The game probably ended up a little more the way they wanted it to."

"You've got to find a way to win different ways."

"We've got to come out and finish the game better."

"He's a beast. He has a soft touch around the basket. He played good tonight."

"I feel like they were pushing a lot in the back under the basket but it's basketball, nobody is complaining."

"We're trying to keep our confidence up... we can't expect teams to lay down. There's a target on our backs."

"Clemson played really well. They knocked down a lot of shots, a lot of tough shots."

"It just gives you confidence... it gives you confidence knowing you've been in a couple of grind-it-out games and come out on top."

"Rodney came and set the tone early."

They are playing extremely well for us, and they are doing a good job."

"They picked it up a little bit... we just had a lot of turnovers during that stretch and it killed it a little bit."

"I missed my first one, but the rest of them felt alright."

"We just want to keep winning."

"Rich definitely had some big shots at the end. He and Scott are big reasons for why we won the game."

"Me and Rodney are big-time players and we just want to contribute to this Wolfpack team."

"The last few days I've been really working on my game."

"I'm glad it worked out for me today, especially on my dad's birthday."

"We won. That's all that matters."

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