Locker Room Report: Wolfpack Players

WINSTON-SALEM, N.C. -- Several NC State players met with the media following the Wolfpack's 86-84 loss to Wake Forest.

T.J. Warren

"Our defense was awful. At the end of the game, we couldn't execute our offense. We stopped sharing the ball."

Did you know Devin Thomas was that good?
"I'd never heard of him before this game."

Message in locker room after the game?
"We've got to start executing and playing post defense and fight the adversity during the bad calls. The fouls weren't going our way, so we have to play through that."

Up 16 in first half, did you feel like you probably had this one wrapped up?
"We went totally opposite from that. We were sharing the ball in the first half, sharing the ball and playing good defense. In the second half we went away from that."

You've won your last two here by more than 30 points. Do you feel like you came in with a little bit of a swagger?
"No, we were definitely focused before the game. Tonight things just didn't go our way and it happens."

Foul trouble affect you guys?
"Most definitely. Fouls weren't going our way and they were getting almost every, single call. It's their home advantage, I guess."

Lorenzo Brown

48-hour turnaround to blame?
"Definitely not. I blame ourselves on that one. We definitely should not have lost that game."

You've won last two here by more than 30. Were you prepared?
"Most definitely. I just say it's on us. We didn't come out in the second half with the right intensity. But they came out ready to play and they got us."

"I can't really answer that question. I'll let the people decide on that one."

Rodney Purvis

What happened second half?
"Defensive let-ups. At halftime, I think we got a little bit too relaxed. We were playing really well in the first half. We were playing really good team defense, but in the second half we kinda began to let up. We started getting beat off the dribble a lot, no help side (defense).

"And the refs really weren't letting us play -- there were a lot of fouls called in this game. I'm not blaming the refs for the fouls or anything like that, I'm just saying there were a lot of whistles blown and that kinda hurt us."

"This is a game we were supposed to win. We had the lead in the first half and have been playing pretty good, getting good wins. We felt this was a game we were supposed to win."

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