Gottfried: "We Got Cautious"

WINSTON-SALEM, N.C. -- NC State head coach Mark Gottfried discusses the Wolfpack's loss to Wake Forest.

Mark Gottfried

Opening Statements:
"My first thought is hat's off to Wake Forest. They played phenomenal in the second half. I thought that the difference was I didn't think we defended nearly as well as we could in the second half. But you have to give them credit. They made a lot of shots, a lot of tough shots, came up with a lot of loose balls and offensive rebounds.

"They did a great job and we did not -- that's on us. We have to be a lot better than that and defend a lot better than that in the 40-minute period. The name of that game for NC State was we have to guard better. Period."

"(Vanderburg) did good in the first half, he did. He played well and I hope he can continue to play that way for us."

"You can't get a better (shot) from Scott Wood. You just can't get one. And I'd have him take it again 100 times."

"I thought Calvin inside was a lot of contact in there, and he made one great shot in there, I thought, and Richard had one heck of an offensive rebound on that one possession where there was a big flurry there. But we had enough chances. We missed foul shots late, missed some open shots, and again I don't think they had a field goal for the last four minutes and ten seconds. I think they went without a field goal. They had some at the foul line, but again it always goes back to me. I just don't think we guarded them nearly as well as we should have."

On if foul trouble got State out of rhythm:
"Probably. I'm not a guy who makes excuses and blames anybody, but the fact that we were all somewhat saddled with fouls probably made our team cautious. There were a couple of dribble drives where I even felt like even Calvin was trying not to foul.

"It's a tough situation because you want obviously your best offensive players in the game, and you still have to guard them, need to get a stop or give up a foul and come out of the game. We just didn't do a very good job there as a team defending, But I do think our foul trouble put us behind the eight ball."

"We finished the game really strong and again had some pretty good looks right down the stretch. It probably would have changed the way the game ends at least. The final score certainly changes things. We didn't seem to make a shot when we had to make it. And we did finish the game really strong and really hard, so that's, I guess, a silver lining there."

CJ since Duke:
"Different things. He played in the first half. And we had a good lead. I didn't want to put him in with two fouls and you're up 12 or 14. We felt like we could get him to the second half, but then he ends up with two more fouls and now he's got four. So each game has been a little bit different. He'll be alright."

On fouls and defense:
"I'm not one to, again, make excuses, but we got cautious. We seemed to be really cautious about how we were defending. And they did a good job attacking us right to the rim. The big boy, Devin Thomas, had a great game, just a great game. He was impressive tonight. We couldn't keep him off the backboard. He was good."

"The thing in our league is you say even after a big win, unfortunately it's one game and there's a bunch left. We have to get it back somewhere else, starting Saturday. There's not very many easy ones in our league. But we have to play a lot better, in my opinion, defensively."

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