VIDEO: Postgame Interviews

RALEIGH, N.C. -- Mark Gottfried, Rodney Purvis, and Scott Wood talk about the win over North Carolina.

"First of all, it's a really significant win for us, right now where our program has been. We understand we've got a long way to go, but you've got to take steps, and it's a good step for us."

"We beat a team that was playing really well. I thought Roy had them playing very good in the last couple of games so I feel like it was a good win for our players."

"It was a good bounce-back win off the other night."

"I thought in the first half, the first twenty minutes, I thought defensively we were as fundamentally sound and unselfish as I've seen us be, for that 20 minutes."

"I thought in the second half we started to get a little tired. Part of that was because we wanted to keep pushing the tempo offensively. We didn't want to walk the ball up the floor, we wanted to run."

"I loved our defense in the first half, and that's how we've got to play. Parts of the second half we weren't nearly as good defensively, but we can get there."

"A lot of different guys stepped up and made huge plays. So, good win for our team."

"I just know that when... our program has a lost a lot of games to North Carolina, and they've been great. You've got to give them credit. They are good and have been good, we're trying to get good. We're trying to climb up the mountain and at some point you've got to turn it a little bit, and this is a start."

"For tonight, it does give us a step in the right direction, and they have been terrific. They were terrific tonight. They didn't quit. They came back on us. They were down by a large margin and cut it right down to the end. They never quit and that's a credit to them as well."

"Our message at halftime was, I didn't want our players to become passive. We wanted to attack them and run, and run, and run."

"If we were going to, at some point, walk the ball up the floor I was going to take them out the game. That's not the way we want to play."

"We have to stay aggressive, we have to stay in that mode where we're trying to force tempo, and just keep pushing it. I thought that was important."

"I didn't want us to come out in the second half and look at the clock and look at the score... just go after them. Just keep trying to play, and I knew they would make a run at some point, some type of run. They've got too good of players for that not to happen."

"At some point they were going to hit some shots and make a run, which they did, but we were able to answer it."

"I think we kind of had a lapse there defensively."

"I think it was just on defense. We were all over them on defense, created some turnovers, got some easy baskets."

"Anytime we play defense like that and in a stance it's hard to beat."

"It's good. I'm tired of hearing everything about it. It's good to get the monkey off the back."

"They all count as one."

"They are always a good team and always have good players."

"We've got to keep moving and continue to get better."

"Coach Gottfried just told us congratulations."

"It's really a great moment for us."

"It's a team game, everybody was excited."

"We played good team defense, helping each other out, rebounding the ball and getting in transition."

"It was unreal."

"Rich is going to always give us as many rebounds as anybody on their team... as a team we rebounded well."

"We probably lost a little focus, a little careless with the ball... probably started to think a little about what we were going to do after the game."

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