Locker Room Report: Wolfpack Players

CHARLOTTESVILLE, VA -- NC State players met with the media following the Wolfpack's loss to Virginia.

Rodney Purvis

How do you feel you adjusted with your role without Lorenzo?
"I think I did pretty well. I made the late game turnover, but I'm going to get better and learn from it."

Was that the plan if Zo got hurt? Did you know that might be a possibility?
"Yeah, I knew I would definitely have to play some point guard and that's what I really want to do. A freak injury happened and I had to step up for the team and came up with the L so I've just got to learn to get better."

Did you feel without Zo and up seven at the half that you guys could hold on?
"Yeah, definitely. We definitely had this game. We've got to go back and watch some film and get better from this one."

On Leslie:
"Yeah, he definitely came to play today. That's the type of player he is. He's a great player and that's what we expect from him."

Scott Wood

Obviously you were contested on that final shot. What were you hoping for?
"He got probably a piece of the ball, but that's how it is."

How do you think you guys responded without Lorenzo?
"I think we did all right. I think we still could've done some things better. Obviously, Rodney doesn't get much time at the point guard position, so it's kind of tough for him. But I feel like he did a good job. I don't know how long he'll be gone, but we've got to find a way to step up in his absence."

On C.J. Leslie's performance:
"He played with a lot of heart. Obviously he wasn't feeling well and you could still see he was a little fatigued, but like I said, he came up with a lot of heart and he played well."

C.J. Leslie

When did you feel like you started to get your energy?
"It was just one of those days where I never really could get it going.

"I felt like I couldn't get it going. From a personal standpoint."

How did Zo's injury affect the way the game went?
"We've got to get a little more comfortable at the point guard position when Zo's out of the game. Our next step is just to keep going and learn from this and get better."

Did you feel comfortable bringing the ball up knowing that Zo wasn't there as an outlet, too?
"Yeah, I can bring the ball up. Tonight was just one of those games where we got beat at the end. We had a little letdown defensively at the end. We've got to work on picking that up."

Do you think even without Zo you would be able to hold on to that halftime lead?
"Yeah, of course. But it was just one of those games where we had to learn how to adjust to that, but we just couldn't get used to it."

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