Locker Room Report: Wolfpack Players

RALEIGH, N.C. -- Several NC State players met with the media following the Wolfpack's loss to Miami.

Tyler Lewis

"Coach told me to come off the ball screen on the side and make a play happen. Obviously I didn't make a good play happen. I didn't make the shot, but coach ran it for me."

"Just because I didn't make the last shot, if I would have made the shot we would have probably won the game."

"I thought I played pretty good."

"I just had to take advantage of the opportunities I had... my shot was falling, I hit my free throws. I thought I played an all-around good game."

"It was really fun. I knew what I had to do out there. I had to prove to all the people that hadn't see me play this year because I hadn't been playing a lot of minutes. I think after this I proved a lot of people wrong."

C.J. Leslie

"He just happened to get a touch on the ball, and that is all it took."

"All of our games that we've lost were like that... all you can do is keep playing great defense like we did in the last minute."

"He came in and he did his job. He did exactly what was asked of him."

"My job is to always impact the game, whether I come off the bench or not."

"He has that wide body that allows him to take up [space]. He's very strong down there, and it's hard to get around him."

Rodney Purvis

"He knows how to work around the basket. He's got very good footwork."

"Yeah I did, but it rimmed out."

"We wanted to get the ball back inside to C.J. because he was going, C.J. or even Rich because those guys are very good on the block and working in the paint."

"This one seemed to hurt more because it was a home game for us. Don't get me wrong, every game is equal but I hate to lose at home in front of our fans."

"It definitely would have been a huge win."

"For Tyler to fill the role of Lorenzo Brown and keep us in the game that's all we can ask for."

"Tyler he definitely stepped up and played really well today coming in."

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