Gottfried: "We Have To Finish"

RALEIGH, N.C. -- NC State head coach Mark Gottfried met with the media after the loss to Miami.

Mark Gottfried

"The similarity to the Maryland game is this one is the ball came off the rim in a perfect spot, so we didn't make the play and they did. You have to give them credit for that. We have to finish that defensive possession with either a defensive rebound or tap out."

"I've expected them to be good from the beginning. That's the team, I thought in the fall that everybody overlooked. Veteran team, mature team... every piece to the puzzle that you like to have... they are good."

"I liked Tyler in the ball-screen action all day. I thought he was really good in it. He had created a lot of really good plays off the ball screen. I don't know if our screen was set that well... but still even after that Tyler's shot was not a bad shot, a pretty good shot. I think he made two of those prior to that, so I'm comfortable with that."

"I think [Lewis] is good. I've said it, I said the other day. Sometimes it's not what a player isn't doing as the reason they aren't playing, just somebody else is playing well. Maybe Lorenzo is playing at the top of his game. Maybe we learned today that Tyler can play more, maybe rest Zo more."

"There's a positive for us. I thought Tyler was very good today... terrific. I couldn't be more prouder of him."

"I don't think [Brown] was very close [to playing]. He really wanted to, and this afternoon there was no shot. Right at about gametime he said coach I think I can go, let me go warm up. He was trying to figure it out."

"Unless he's 100% I didn't feel comfortable putting him out there. Right before the tip he said coach I'm not 100%."

"We've planned that Lorenzo wasn't going to play, so they were ready to play."

"I thought with both Rodney and Tyler they may split some minutes, but I thought Tyler was playing very well. He created shots for others, got us in our offense... he did a lot of good things for our team."

"I'm proud of the guy. It's not easy to sit over there like he has. I told him that's not the easiest thing to do. Maybe a positive from this is we learned something too... he's ready to go."

"We're getting better all the time, but the frustrating thing is we have four league losses to show for it."

"At 68-62 there was a timeout and without Lorenzo our team could have accepted their fate but they chose not to. I really like that about our team. There's some competitive greatness in our guys to keep digging, which they did. I tell our team, if we keep playing hard like that, if we keep competing like that, good things will happen for our team."

"He played very well. He rebounded the ball well."

"They are so big and strong and thick, not a lot of teams have two or three bigs like they have, so somebody is always in a mismatch. We doubled it some, we used our zone some, we tried a lot of different things."

"Well, I think [Miami is the best team] right now. But, I think our league is pretty balanced. I look at their game against Duke, and I'm watching Duke now and I think it's one of those that may be waking up the sleeping giant a little bit because they are playing well."

"You've got to give Miami credit. They are going on the road in this league and getting the job done. They'll be hard to catch because of that, because of their record on the road to this point."

"Scott was near midcourt with the ball, they were pressuring him some, and I felt we needed to get a timeout to get organized."

"It was on target. It just rimmed out, but life moves on."

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