Doeren Excited About 2013 Class

RALEIGH, N.C. -- NC State head coach Dave Doeren discusses his 2013 recruiting class. The first-year head coach discussed all 25 players individually and also fielded a few questions from the media.

Dave Doeren

"We're excited. It was a great day for NC State and our football program. I'm really happy to welcome this class officially in."

"It's certainly been a busy couple of months for our coaches."

"I'd like to say thanks to all the people that helped us put this class together, starting with my coaches... guys were in a lot of cities, airports, and rental cars."

"Our cooks did a great job... I gained a lot of weight too. It was tough, it was tough. It's time to get back in the weight room for a lot of these coaches."

"We were able to meet a lot of needs. You're never perfect in a class with a six-week window like we had, but I think we made a lot of strides."

"All of them won't be able to play right away, but some of them will."

"There were three linebackers that were committed and we were able to hang on to all three."

"We were able to get nine in-state players... I'd like to see that number obviously higher, and it will be."

"We were able to also get nine players out of the state of Florida, which was important to us."

"We wanted to build this class with winners. A lot of people on the outside looking in are concerned about rankings and stars, and don't get me wrong, those kinds of things matter to everybody on our staff. But, I also really like recruiting winners... guys with championship teams."

"We have 24 kids that were in the playoffs. We had six in state championships. We had 12 that were all-state performers and six that were in the North Carolina-South Carolina Shrine Bowl. We had 17 that were in all-star games. Those are guys that are competitors on teams that win games."

"When we are trying to be a championship team, to have guys who have already done that is very important."

"We added a junior college offensive lineman, one of the biggest human beings I've ever seen. 6'6 and 380 on his official visit I think, and we need to get him in the program the other way. We will."

"Travares Copeland, a wide receiver who played as a true freshman this year is a dynamic athlete."

"We will pride ourselves on recruiting, but we will also pride ourselves on development."

"For us to be where we want to be, the players we bring in the door have to be five times better than from where they are today."

"We want to take three-star players that we get and make them five-star players in four or five years. We want those guys to be better than other guys that signed at other schools."

"The way those guys are, the leadership they are going to bring to our football team."

"The developmental part of the program has to have leaders in it and we recruited some of those in this class."

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