Gottfried: "They Believe In Our Team"

DURHAM, N.C. -- NC State head coach Mark Gottfried met with the media after the loss to Duke.

Mark Gottfried

"In my opinion, the first thoughts I have, the storylines in my mind, the way they started was terrific."

"They shot the ball well. We had a hard time keeping them from scoring. They shot the ball well from three. A number of those we had our hands up, we chased them off screens, and they were knocking them down."

"I thought in the first eight-to-10 minutes they were sensational."

"I don't know if in a loss you ever feel good, but our guys battled hard. They never quit."

"We just never could get one or two stops and scores when we needed to."

"Our kids played with a lot of heart, and theirs did too as well."

"I'm disappointed but proud with our effort there in the last 30 minutes."

"I thought early we had some shots right around the rim but just couldn't make them."

"I thought after that we just stayed with it. We kept getting the ball around the rim, we executed our offense, and we got good shots."

"I thought Richard was really good. Plumlee played off him a little bit and he made a lot of jumpshots... I thought he's really played well."

"He's not afraid. Tyler is a young that kind of in his mind, had to beat the odds... his size, his frame, and he has kind of that mentality right now. He played against good pressure defense, all night long, and gets 13 points and six assists without a turnover."

"We're learning there, and the tough thing for us is we're not winning, but we're learning that [Lewis] can help us... a lot. He's doing well."

"[Lorenzo Brown] is doubtful. I have no idea if he can go Sunday. We'll just go day-by-day, but he's not ready to play right now."

"[Scott Wood] pulled his groin pretty hard, but we'll see. He told me he could play... he felt good. Hopefully he doesn't get really stiff and sore tomorrow. Obviously it's something we don't need to have happen to us right now. If it happens, we'll just roll on."

"It was hard [to massage the foul situation], but they went right at us, and I thought we tried to go right at them inside. It's difficult, but until the last few minutes of the game I don't think it was really an issue for us."

"They've done a great job, but our guys know. They believe in our team. We just need to keep swinging the bat. We're not going to stand at the plate and look at pitches. We're going to keep swinging. I think they are confident we can be a great team down the stretch."

"They are disappointed, but I think at the same time they feel like they laid everything out there on the floor."

"We just need to make sure we keep getting better."

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