Avent: "This is a good ball club"

Elliott Avent met with the media on Friday to talk about the upcoming baseball season and the heightened expectations surrounding the season.

Elliott Avent

"People like to watch teams that are fun. Winning makes it more special but you are really drawn to watching certain teams play and that's what brings a lot of fans out. I talked to the ticket office and there have been over 900 seasons tickets sold – they are hoping to sell out and that's never happened before."

"To be on the cover of Baseball America as our program is exciting."

"I hope you have expectations every year. I don't think you have expectations because someone else gives them to you. I think you have expectations within yourself, within the program ever year. You don't let anybody else define you."

"If we had every player back from last year's team, it would still be a different season."

"Our conference, I know its good, its always good. I know Carolina is No. 1 in every poll I've seen, so I guess they are pretty good."

"I do take satisfaction because I'm from Eastern North Carolina and baseball has been big in the state since I was a little boy. To have this kind of flavor, this kind of national attention to North Carolina and the Triangle – and the state of North Carolina."

"It is neat to have that kind of exposure."

"To see what those guys did as freshmen in this league, I think they'll probable handle expectations pretty well."

"It's always been the plan for Trea Turner to go to shortstop."

"The first weekend has kinda of already been mapped out. It's going to be Carlos Rodon on Friday, Logan Jernigan on Saturday and Ethan Ogburn on Sunday."

"We've closed by committee sometimes, and we've got lots of pitchers."

"We got many options and we'll figure out [our closer] as we go through the season."

"I think its probably our most talented team that we've had since I've been here."

"This is a good ball club. Starting this season you have to say this team has an excellent opportunity and we've been so close so many times and not kicked that door in. But its going to take leadership."

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