Rodon, Turner Discuss New Season

RALEIGH, NC -- Trea Turner, Carlos Rodon and Grant Sasser met with the media on Friday to talk about the upcoming season for the Pack.

Carlos Rodon

"[Ace] is a nice title I guess. But I have to go out there and actually compete and win a game, and win some games. Hopefully that's what happens this year."

"Mentally I improved a lot. In high school I considered myself more of a thrower and now I'd say I know how to pitch and how to attack certain counts, when to pick off, just certain things."

"Even losing at this level you learn something."

"I've heard some stuff about junior college, am I going to go to junior college. I didn't even acknowledge them. I was 100% coming back to school ready to play another year and get to a College World Series."

"The goal is not to get to Omaha – the goal is to win the whole thing."

Trea Turner

"Some people think [shortstop] is a lot harder, and it probably is, but I'm just more comfortable with it. I've been doing it for a lot longer and getting thrown into 3rd base last year wasn't bad because I wanted to play, but it was a lot different experience over there."

"We go out there and we think we are going to win. I think that's one thing we have over a lot of teams."

"I look at it as not trying to boost stats or showing off or something, I try to [steal bases] when my team needs it."

"Just being on base helps lead to bigger innings. I don't even have to steal. I don't think there should be expectations on how many bases I'm going to steal."

Grant Sasser

"Honestly I think we are really stacked."

"In past years we weren't low on guys we just didn't have that exact perfect staff. This year I see that happening."

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