Gottfried: "I'm Extremely Proud"

CLEMSON, S.C. -- NC State head coach Mark Gottfried met with the media following the win over Clemson.

Mark Gottfried

"I'm extremely proud of our team because we didn't play very well early in the game."

"I thought we were in a position, again, when we could have dropped our heads and maybe lost some effort. But we didn't do that. We kept fighting, kept battling, and we found a way to win the game. I'm extremely proud for that."

"On the last offensive play for us, I thought Lorenzo [Brown], Richard [Howell], and Scott [Wood], as you want veteran players to do, executed about as well as you possibly can. You still have to make the shot, obviously, at the end of that."

"It was an unbelievably huge shot by Scott Wood, but it took all of them together to make that play. I'm proud of our guys for fighting and not giving in. They certainly could have."

"We had just gone, on the play before, to Calvin [C.J. Leslie]. Calvin had a nice drive there with [Milton] Jennings, but he traveled. We came right back, and running a play for Scott Wood to make a 3 is like running a play for somebody to try to get a lay-up sometimes."

"It's about the same percentage. He's that good. I was completely comfortable that we were going to go to him and go for the jugular, and he made it."

"Calvin had the ball, bringing it up the floor. Although, at times, he's good there, I thought it was important we got exactly what we wanted."

"There are times I've let my team play before. If I feel like we're in a good place and the ball is in the right guy's hand and guys seem to be in the break running and there's a good feel for where we are and what can happen, then certainly, I want to play. But I didn't feel comfortable there and I felt like it was important for us to get organized."

"I was talking with Mike Gminski before the game. He had the game on television. He said even back when he played at Duke, it's always been one of these places. It's hard to play here."

"They play awfully well at home, a lot better than they've played on the road at times. They had a great crowd today. They did a lot of things well. We were fortunate there at the end."

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