2013 Projected Scholarship Listing

Here is an updated look at NC State's roster and depth chart with the 2013 recruiting class factored in.

Five classes of players are listed on this table, representing the NC State roster for the 2013 season. It has been updated following 2013 signing day.

Anybody with questions about eligibility, redshirting, medical hardships, or 6th year waivers should first read this thread from the archives before asking the questions. That thread should clear up any confusion you have. If it doesn't clear up your confusion, it should at least provide you with the proper terminology.

I have added a few instances of parenthetical information on some players to pack as much information on this chart as possible.

T = Transfer and year
P = Prep school
E = Early enrollment
D = Delayed enrollment (typically academics but no prep/JuCo)
G = Grayshirt
JC = Junior College
WO = Walk-On
S = Suspension and year
** = Upperclassman player likely to redshirt this season.

Red signifies a signed player who has not yet enrolled.

NOTE: There could be other roster moves that have been made that we aren't aware of at this time.

#2013 - Seniors2014 - Juniors2015 - Sophomores2016 - RS Freshmen2013 Commits
**J. Brissett (T13)
P. Thomas (RS) (T12)
M. Stocker (E)
B. Shirreffs
T. Creecy (RS)
T. Purvis FB (RS) WO
L. Winkles FB (RS)
S. Thornton
M. Dayes
J. Mercer
D. Nichols
WR11Q. Payton (RS)
R. Smith (RS)
B. Underwood (RS) (P)C. Hegedus
M. Morgan (RS)
**T. Copeland (T13)

B. Cherry (E)
J. Alston
P. McKever
J. Ramos
M. Valdez
TE4A. Talbert (RS)
A. Watson (RS)

B. Browne (RS)D. Grinnage (RS)
OL15D. Christophe (RS)
R. Crisp
T. Chandler (RS) (P)
C. Fordham (RS) (T11)
A. Jomantas (RS)
A. Kassem (RS) (JC13)
A. Barr (RS)
Q. McKinney (P,E)
J. Thuney (RS)
E. Gordon (RS)
B. Kennedy (RS) (E)
J. Tu'uta (RS)
C. Blankenship (E)
T. Reagan
P. Roane
DT9A.J. Ferguson (G,E)D. Buntyn (RS) (JC12,E)
T. McGill
T. Teal (RS)
C. Gray (RS) (P)
D. Mann (RS)
K. Hooker (RS)K. Gibbs
M. Nelson
DE6D. Cato-Bishop (RS)
F. West (RS) (T11)
A. Norman (RS)M. Rose (RS)K. Whitehead (RS)
J. Wright (RS)

LB11R. Caldwell (JC12)
R. Cheek (RS)
Z. Gentry (RS) WO
DJ Green
R. Noel
B. Pittman
M.J. SalahuddinD. Davis (RS)J. Fernandez
Q. Patterson
A. Robinson
CB8J. Byrd (RS)
D. Johnson

J. Burris (RS)N. Clark (RS)
M. Coates (RS)
S. Paul
J. Tocho
D. Wright

T. Buckley (RS) (T11)
H. Jones (RS)
J. Jones (RS)
J. Sessoms (RS)
J. Jones
M. Means
W. Baumann P
N. Sade K
S. Thompson LS


Table has been updated with all signing day activity.

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