Gottfried: "It Wasn't The Prettiest Win"

RALEIGH, N.C. -- NC State head coach Mark Gottfried met with the media after the win over Virginia Tech.

Mark Gottfried

"Virginia Tech played awfully well and they've done that about every night."

"They've been in every game. You've got to give them credit. They stepped up and made big shots, tough shots."

"We dropped our head for about 10 or 15 seconds and was stunned a little bit, but our guys were able to regroup."

"I'm proud of our team. It wasn't the prettiest win, but at the end of the day that's what it was."

"It bounced perfectly, but hey they did it. You've got to give them credit for that."

"I think Lorenzo is showing an unbelievable amount of character... I thought he tried to make it as tough Erick as he could to score."

"When you have a point guard that scores like, that, the first thing is he has the ball in his hands all the time. If you don't get to him quick he's going to make you pay."

"Today they got into such a good rhythm shooting three's."

"Green is a great offensive player. He's got better since last year. That's why he's leading the nation in scoring."

"Tyler is playing well. Tyler is making foul shots, he's not turning the ball over."

"Tyler has deserved to play. Period. He's done a nice job for our team."

"When we know we're going to get fouled, with Scott, Lorenzo, and Tyler now, you've got three guys that are going to make a lot of foul shots."

"Tyler, for a freshman doesn't show any nervousness... I thought in the first half he was terrific... Tyler has really stepped forward for our guys."

"We guarded them better and we got defensive rebounds."

"We executed some things really good."

"The two things on the defensive end that hurt us was guarding the ball screens at the top of the key... and we've got to rebound better."

"We were just so concerned with Green. Two or three guys he came off the ball screen and we had two guys running at Green."

"They were in such a good groove at the three-point line and had so much confidence at the three-point line, it's part of the reason why I wanted to foul."

"We had leads in both regulation and end of the game, so some of the foul [shots] were from them fouling when down. I thought we did a good job too of going to the rim and getting the ball inside. We do that a lot of nights."

"You never want your player to get a technical. He thought he was getting bumped on some shots."

"I agree. Sometimes he is getting bumped and there is contact with him around the rim."

"On Green, when leans back, he kicks the leg out too. You can't foul a three-point shooter."

"There's not a right answer. The ball bounced off the rim perfectly for those guys and they did an excellent job. If they weren't in such a good groove I probably wouldn't have fouled."

"Keep the ball. If you're not going to shoot the layup just keep it."

"T.J. made a foul shot to put it at four and that was pretty much it."

"It's still too early. Here is the bottomline for every team in America including us. You better win your way into everything. You've got to win."

"We have to become the best we can be for right now, these next couple of weeks."

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