Gottfried: "We Wanted To Attack"

RALEIGH, N.C. -- NC State head coach Mark Gottfried met with the media after the win over Florida State.

Mark Gottfried

"When you get up and deny the wings and pressure, our hope is we can take advantage of that by attacking the basket."

"We wanted to attack the rim, and I think we did a good job of that."

"They disrupt a lot of things with how they play."

"We beat North Carolina and go to Virginia and eight minutes in we lose Lorenzo. We basically played that game without him. We had Miami here and then had to go to Duke. Then we had a win at Clemson, a great emotional win... then Virginia Tech in overtime, and now tonight. Yes, I do think there is some momentum gaining."

"You always want your team to be playing its best basketball in February and March."

"Hopefully we can continue to play well."

"Florida State is really good at turning the corner on ball screens and getting in the paint. We started switching those to try and keep them out of the paint."

"Defensively I thought we took a step forward tonight."

"I do think at times our team relies on Richard to just go get them all... we have to be a team where everyone gets involved in the rebounding department."

"I thought T.J. was excellent. He obviously responded in a very positive way... I was proud of him. Sometimes freshmen are up and down and he got an opportunity to step into the lineup tonight and I thought he took advantage of it."

"Rodney hasn't played as well lately, and I need Rodney to play at his best and Tyler to be at his best and T.J. to be at his best. I felt like our team needed something different in there right now.

"I told those freshmen all year long that for our team to be great, all three of you need to play well."

"He did, and that's what he needs to do."

"I thought our guys were just really ready to play. The last couple of days we had a lot of energy in practice."

"Our effort has been really good, our effort tonight was good, our enthusiasm was good, our energy was good. We had 84 points with 14 turnovers. If we don't turn the ball over that 84 might be 94."

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