Leslie: I'm Just Worried About Winning

RALEIGH, N.C. -- C.J. Leslie met with the media to discuss Saturday's game against North Carolina.

C.J. Leslie

Does this game carry more weight with it being a rival?
We try to stay focused and tell ourselves that every game is the same. You want to be like every game counts as one, but with a local team it's always played out to be more.

They've made some lineup changes. Do you expect to play in the post more in this game?
Just the way I've been playing. I might be out on the wing, but it could be a little bit of both. I don't know. Coach will tell me where I need to be whenever we get there.

How can getting these wins impact seeding for the tournament?
I don't know personally. I'm just worried about winning every game we can and keeping the streak going.

What would it mean to sweep them in a season?
It'll be good to get another win. It's one of the things where we want to keep the streak we have going. We want to stay focused on winning every game that we can.

What is the challenge of playing at UNC?
They have passionate fans. They have some passionate fans. It's going to be loud, it's going to be sold out. It's going to be a big game.

What can you take away from the last game you played them? You had them up 31 and they came back...
Like we've been focusing on, winning a lot of games. Keep playing 40 minutes of defense. We need to remain focused on that. That's the biggest thing we need to do, play 40 minutes of defense.

P.J. Hairston... what kind of problems does he present?
He's a great shooter. He's a great outside shooter. Anytime you have a great outside shooter you always have to be aware of him on the court on the offensive end.

It looks like you'll have a wing guarding you instead of a post player.
It's just gong to be like any other game. We have to guard them on the other end too. We'll just have to be ready for that.

Does that mean running out to the 3-point line more than you normally do?
Yes, basically.

What advice do you have for a freshman when things are going your way?
Just stick with it. Just find a way to get out the slump and to get yourself on. Whatever way you have to do it, do it.

How different is team when you all are clicking?
We're a very good team. We're a very outstanding team. We do a lot of things well.

With Tyler emerging, how much does that help out?
Whenever we have all of our guys on the same page, our team just steps up. We're so much better with them. Whenever we get it rolling...

T.J. said against FSU you all seemed to be having fun out there...
Anytime that you're out there playing basketball and you're having fun that's what you want to be doing. Games click a lot better. Games go a lot well. That's what you want to do, games go a lot well.

Does that type of a performance give you more confidence?
Just getting prepared for the game Saturday. Just came off a nice win. Everyone played very well.

Did Levi talk to you about his experience winning over at Chapel Hill?
No he hasn't talked to me personally. I haven't really talked to him about it.

Are you surprised by how well P.J. Hairston has been doing?
No, he's always been able to shoot the ball. It's just a matter of him being confident and actually getting the chance to go out there and do it. He's always been a great shooter.

How are the pickup matchups against him?
They're very competitive. We go at it. We have very intense games.

Where would you play them at?
Wherever we were playing during the summer. He comes here or we go there. It's just anywhere.

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