Wood: "We Feel Good"

RALEIGH, N.C. -- Scott Wood met with the media to discuss Saturday's game with North Carolina.

Scott Wood

Thoughts on playing at UNC...
We struggled there in the past and they're starting to play some really good ball. They're starting to make some shots. We're going to have to go in there and play hard, great effort and hopefully we'll come out with a win.

How do you feel as far as your play?
We feel good. Obviously there's some things we can get better at we're working on in practice. When it comes down to it we just need to have some great effort out there and handle ourselves the correct way.

On Carolina's four-guard lineup...
It's tough to guard. (P.J.) Hairston's out there so we're going to have to make sure we're eliminating their threes and [make them] put it on the floor a little more than they're comfortable with.

They're good players and they're going to make the right plays so we're just going to have to do a good job defending them.

On the impact of seeding... tournament time:
We're not really thinking about that right now. We're just thinking one game at a time. If we can just get on a little streak here and win one game at a time we'll be fine when it comes tournament time.

You won your last road game... can you take that momentum into Chapel Hill?
That was a long time ago so it's hard to say that we're going to ride our little road streak, which is only one game, into it. It's a tough place to play and we're definitely going to need to play well.

How do you feel about being mentally prepared for the matchup?
Obviously they're going to come out with a lot of intensity since we beat them at our place. We just have to come out and be ready to play. We know they're going to give us all they've got.

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